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Dynastes tityus eggs

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1 hour ago, Spyro said:

Can you post some pictures? I want to see what fertile vs infertile look like. 

infertile eggs won't swell up, fertile eggs do. If the egg you collect doesn't  swell up like a golf ball in a week or so, it means it's infertile.

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Man, that is awesome! Congrats! I don't have much experience with D tityus. Goliathus has been breeding them for a long, long time. Many generations of them so I'm curious what he would say.

Do you mind sharing what your egg laying setup was like? How deep was the substrate, what kind of substrate and how long did it take to get 102 eggs? Thank you in advance for any information. You are going to need lots and lots of substrate for those hungry grubs. That is crazy.

Oh, was it a wild caught female or a captive bred female?

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I have never seen more than 60 from a single female of this species, I know it is possible and I am curious the source of the female. Do you have a picture of all the eggs together? Why do you have only one female? 

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