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  1. That was my assessment of the situation as well, thank you for weighing in Oak. Out of curiosity, have you ever used clay for them? Also Fire Moth my understanding is that you're almost always better off leaving the grubs in their cells, unless there's a real issue, you shouldn't take them out for an artificial one. Especially before they pupate, then you risk disturbing them to where they never pupate
  2. Have you worked with the species much before?
  3. Nothing would be my recommendation. There's no reason to assume there's anything wrong, it sounds, though I've never heard of needing a clay layer for stags(?)... I've always just used flake soil and chunks of wood for the few that I've raised. I would defer to anyone with more experience, but I'd say just leave them be
  4. That makes sense. Where I live we have no clay soil whatsoever so I’m doomed to order it online, but I’ve discovered that mixing well washed sand and soil together has actually worked super well. My beyeri pupated in that just fine. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to make more right at this moment so I bought some off of Insect Brothers
  5. Thanks for the link. I would assume that's the BIC affiliate link, so I'll buy some from there. I also saw that the Insect Brothers have their own clay substrate so I'll likely buy some of that as well, just to have plenty for the future. Thank you
  6. I’m working with both beyeri and woodii. I’ve run out of the sandy/clay soil mix and my woodii are going to be pupating soon, so I wanted to know if there was an online source. But the beyeri are the ones pupating now, and still in diapause
  7. Hey, I would hate to resurrect a dead thread (I don't think we're there quite yet?... It hasn't been ridiculously long), but I have to ask. Where has everyone been getting the clay they use for their successful pupation? Do you guys buy it? Or do you go collect it from somewhere? Also, how long (in your experience) has their diapause taken? I've had some that are in cells they constructed, and they're clearly alive and look like healthy L3 grubs shortly before pupation, but it's been pushing six months now that some of them have been in the pupal cells. Are they gone? Or is this still within the range or normal diapause?
  8. The spores are ubiquitous, and you have a perfect environment for them to thrive in. That one may be a goner, and unless you really bump up airflow, knock down the temp, cut the humidity, or do something else to mix stuff around in there to stop the trich from taking root, you'll always be creating the perfect environment for that mold to grow, and sporulate. That's my finding from keeping beetles as well as growing mushrooms. You can minimize the risk but it'll never be gone. Also something to consider, even if you've made some changes, unless your containers have been washed out and your substrate in there replaced, there are still billions upon billions of those spores circulating in there, so each time you put something in, it's just going to start molding again eventually.
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