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  1. I plan on breeding this species but ever since I've moved, I have not been able to find any juniper trees near me. Do adults need to feed on juniper leaves or are they able to breed without feeding?
  2. Just gonna post this here since it might be helpful
  3. infertile eggs won't swell up, fertile eggs do. If the egg you collect doesn't swell up like a golf ball in a week or so, it means it's infertile.
  4. I can't give you much tips on traps but I believe the best time to find Lucanus elaphus is mid june-july. If the ginger method works, please let me know. I've been curious too ever since I read the paper on it.
  5. Welcome to the forum! I joined the forum when I was around your age too! I didn't have much of a collection as you do now of course It's good to see a young passionate enthusiast here!
  6. My Lucanus elaphus larvae kept surfacing when there was only flake soil present but when I provided them a mix of sand/clay, they happily made their pupal cells. However I know that some people manage to get them to pupate without clay.
  7. All of my 9 Lucanus Elaphus larvae have been in their pupal cells for over 6 months now. Leave your larvae where they are. No need to take them out. If they dislike the condition they will come out of the soil.
  8. The top row 5th one is allotopus moellenkampi
  9. It could be either inbreeding issues or unoptimal conditions for emergence.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Glad your beetles amuse you
  11. I did a quick google search and was able to find their care on a japanese website. Hope this helps you a bit. Google translate is your best friend. https://www.tsukiyono.co.jp/stag2/2018/01/19/メンガタ・メリーの飼育方法【幼虫飼育&産卵方/ http://judge.fool.jp/breed/mellyi.htm
  12. Well if I were you, I would put the female in a small container with some wet paper towels and food to see if she's really eating or not. If you see a lot of excretions in the container after a few days, then you will know that she's eating. It is possible that the female has been mated already and is looking for places to lay eggs; hence the reason why she is always exploring and ignoring food. How long has the male stayed on top of the food for? The male could be super hungry, weak, or just started to become active. To check the health of beetles I always check their grip strength and see if they respond with a threatening pose(especially male stag beetles) when I touch them.
  13. http://column.odokon.org/2015/0410_142600.php I wonder if world records can be broken with the use of JH?
  14. Yes. Just because they are eating does not mean they are mature yet. I would wait a few more weeks before they start mating.
  15. Hey, welcome to the forum. If the adult beetle becomes active, it will come up to the surface and start looking for food. As long as you are providing enough air flow and humidity, it shouldn't die.
  16. Why would you pay a fine when you have a permit? Unless you bought something that you didn't get a permit for..
  17. Very cool looking species! I'd be interested in some larvae if you manage to breed them
  18. I've seen them before. Didn't know it was a variation!
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