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  1. TIP: Wait a few weeks longer. After that keep them in a smaller enclosure with sphagnum moss and jellies to witness mating. Once you witness a few sessions, put the female in the egg laying container.
  2. Ever try damp sphagnum moss? Most of my collection is kept in this. Don't put her out of her misery, let nature take its course if anything. A tip most people don't know is the Red Bull trick. Put some on a paper towel and put it around her mouth parts. It could wake her up a bit. This tip was taught to me by a well known and respected hobbyist.
  3. Very interesting read on the link @Fire Moth posted. Never knew about the dog food method before!
  4. That's creative AF! Love it!
  5. Beauties. Good luck with the breeding!
  6. You can catch things in the wild. Wait until it gets warmer and check parking lots with lights on at night, you may find some interesting stuff. You can also set up UV light to attract them. Check dead/decaying trees and tree cavities of fallen trees for larvae.
  7. That looks like a beetle grub eating, making a tunnel on the way.
  8. That's so awesome! You did an excellent job. Nice healthy male. Never used those wood shavings but make sure the sub is damp so he can burrow and do his beetle thing.
  9. Very cool. You into keeping other species at well?
  10. Congrats dude what an awesome find.
  11. ^ listen to this guy. He KNOWS this species well.
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