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  1. I make sure the substrate has a good amount of moisture. Compress the substrate with your finger to make a pupal cell which the pupa can lay in. You do not need to cover it.
  2. Thank you and good luck! If you need any other tips on breeding this species don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Do Dynastes tityus run as far down to Key West?
  4. If there's 1 tip I can give I'd say this. I can't tell fully from the pictures but is the substrate dry? Make sure there is some moisture content in the sub.
  5. Yea they're savages! Make sure the female is separated if you have one. I've had males tear through countless females when they were housed together.
  6. You could carefully dig it out. You can compress the substrate and make a makeshift cell on the surface. Floral foam isn't always the answer, though it is a great option. The beetle will know when it is ready to emerge.
  7. That's a dope find. Good luck on breeding!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Don't particularly have a favorite find however!
  9. Happy Halloween! Was a great one. I like the pic too, death's head roaches are sick!
  10. You may have more luck posting in the "Beetles For Sale/Wanted" section of the forum. Good luck!
  11. Holy cow... GREAT pictures. Great additions as well!
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