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  1. Holy cow... GREAT pictures. Great additions as well!
  2. That full grown larvae looks like a Hollywood creation. 🤣 Nature is amazing.
  3. Looking great! You did an awesome job producing that huge male. I would not worry about the injury too much.
  4. Thing is massive, I want em'. 😅
  5. Which one is the WC one, the top?
  6. Good thing you saw it, those snakes have very good camouflage! Would not have been a fun time lol.
  7. Search decaying tree cavities/rotting logs in the forest near you.
  8. I honestly never thought about putting a leash on one. 😄
  9. Dedicated collector! Looking great. I remember these days, a lot of work.
  10. Welcome Kati! Looking forward to seeing the enclosures if you do post them here!
  11. Jeeeeeeeeez, I want em all! 😆
  12. Nice pair! Wish you the best of luck.
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