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  1. Sheesh man, sorry for your losses!
  2. If you go to Target you can get small containers they use for condiments at 5 guys for example. Chipolte also has deeper ones that could work better for you. https://www.target.com/p/diamond-multi-purpose-mini-cups-with-lids-50ct/-/A-14465305 These are what I use. Fill them up with substrate, add an air hole on top, make sure the substrate isn't too dry and you're good to go. Just tape the lids to the cup. In the box layer the bottom with newspaper, place the larvae cups in, and make sure the cups are snug with newspaper around them. Put a layer of newspaper on top too. I
  3. SHEEEEEESH that boy is big... congrats I'm pumped for you.
  4. Fellow New Englander! Nice! Welcome.
  5. Sounds like a more brutal death with the RAID than the freezer lol. Should have just let it die on its own, they do it all the time in nature.
  6. TIP: Wait a few weeks longer. After that keep them in a smaller enclosure with sphagnum moss and jellies to witness mating. Once you witness a few sessions, put the female in the egg laying container.
  7. Ever try damp sphagnum moss? Most of my collection is kept in this. Don't put her out of her misery, let nature take its course if anything. A tip most people don't know is the Red Bull trick. Put some on a paper towel and put it around her mouth parts. It could wake her up a bit. This tip was taught to me by a well known and respected hobbyist.
  8. Very interesting read on the link @Fire Moth posted. Never knew about the dog food method before!
  9. That's creative AF! Love it!
  10. Beauties. Good luck with the breeding!
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