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  1. Those might be the more common jellies found at Asian markets. I use those all of the time with no issues, not sure why the beetles are not liking them.
  2. Mine love the Banana ones. What jellies did Peter give you?
  3. I ended up releasing him in the same spot hoping he finds a mate.
  4. Found this dude on my sliding glass door. Man, this year has been cool for various finds. More pictures on my Instagram venomdrips.
  5. You can get beetle jellies online pretty sure bugsincyberspace has em. I also have a few I can let go too but they aren't the high protein type. Eco earth/sphagnum moss is ok to keep them housed in. The female won't produce eggs in that however.
  6. You can start off by putting the male and female in a container with damp sphagnum moss and beetle jellies. Once you witness mating you can put the female in the egg laying container. Since they are wild caught there is a chance the female mated already but if you want to increase the chance of getting eggs, this is the way to go. You would need a tub for the female to lay eggs in. You can a cheap container at Walmart. Drill around 5 small air holes on two sides of the container and some on the lid. About 7-10 inches of rotten wood substrate or organic potting soil with no perlite
  7. My girlfriend found this late at night in Connecticut. Never even knew we had these here to be honest. Pretty pumped on it and I think it's the best find yet for us. Xyloryctes jamaicensis.
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