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  1. I use compost and cocofiber. I’ve kept them separated, so no cannibalism .
  2. I hope this larva doesn’t explode before it becomes an adult. This thing must live in the tree from Avatar.
  3. For anyone that doesn’t want to see the entire video, skip to 40:00.
  4. This might be the largest grub on YouTube.
  5. 1. Do you put the larvae together in a large container? 2. When they turn L2 do you put 1 in each individual container separately? 3. Can you filter out the frass and mix the old substrate with new substrate without any problems?
  6. Does anyone keep large D tityus or D granti larvae comfortably in 32 oz containers?
  7. I like to mix flake soil with a few handfuls of finally shredded oak leafs in a 10 gallon tank. This will create perfect conditions for egg laying.
  8. With Dynastes tityus I have to keep them separately. This is to prevent disturbing larvae in the Pre pupa stage. I also need to collect the adults right away for diapause.
  9. Ok, I might do that with my Dynastes granti.
  10. If a 32 oz container work’s for a large full grown Dynastes granti larva.
  11. A container bigger than 32 oz for 1 Dynastes tityus or granti larva.
  12. Where can I find cheap containers that are above 32 oz?
  13. The small difference between Megasoma acteon and rex.
  14. Yeah, I wish the shipping was cheaper.
  15. I would love to see Megasoma rex in these types of numbers.
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