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  1. Are there any good resources out there describing the methods used to sex granti or tityus larvae? I have a yellow, 30g granti larva that I’d be interested in using for figuring out a method for sexing larvae, if it’s possible.
  2. Omg. The amount of flake soil something that big could consume!!! $$$
  3. Hi all, I have 4 larvae that are getting pretty big but I have nothing to compare them to to see if they truly are big. What are the typical larval (L3) weight limits that have been seen for this species?? Here are mine: they each have put on about 1.5g of weight in the last month 1. 23.73g 2. 15.81g 3. 23.36g 4. 21.72g thanks!
  4. Thank you! I did get the dry floral foam. I didn’t know there were more than one type.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am in search of helpful advice on what type of floral foam to use for artificial pupal cells. I want the kind that you can spray with water and it get soaked in/absorbed. Currently, my floral foam resists water and it just stands on the surface of the foam. I have tried soaking it for hours but it doesn’t change. Thank you in advance
  6. Can you post some pictures? I want to see what fertile vs infertile look like.
  7. How long does D. brevis usually take to raise?
  8. What are the characteristics to distinguish the larvae from Hercules, Stags, June beetles?
  9. I found these two larvae under a rotting log today in Northern Virginia. I'd love to know what they are. I did bring them home and have them in a cup with flake soil.
  10. I saw these when I was in Costa Rica! So cool! What do the larvae eat?
  11. If you have access to white rotted wood chunks and flake soil , that’s supposed to work well. Large chunks of the wood for the larvae to chew in to is the best IMO.
  12. Hi Everyone, I am looking for helpful advice on proven location in the NOVA region for Dynastes. Has anyone found Dynastes in northern VA?
  13. Can someone help me ID this stag pupa? I bought it as a larva on this website under the pretense it was an elaphus.
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