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  1. How long does D. brevis usually take to raise?
  2. What are the characteristics to distinguish the larvae from Hercules, Stags, June beetles?
  3. I found these two larvae under a rotting log today in Northern Virginia. I'd love to know what they are. I did bring them home and have them in a cup with flake soil.
  4. I saw these when I was in Costa Rica! So cool! What do the larvae eat?
  5. If you have access to white rotted wood chunks and flake soil , that’s supposed to work well. Large chunks of the wood for the larvae to chew in to is the best IMO.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking for helpful advice on proven location in the NOVA region for Dynastes. Has anyone found Dynastes in northern VA?
  7. Can someone help me ID this stag pupa? I bought it as a larva on this website under the pretense it was an elaphus.
  8. For sure! I'm going to the North-Central branch meeting tomorrow in Madison, you?
  9. I was there in Denver at the 2017 meeting.
  10. Ok, maybe I am missing it. I have just gone page by page through the The Ultimate Guide To Breeding Beetles, Coleoptera Laboratory Culture Methods by Orin MCMonigle and didn't see a single entry regarding the size references for identifying larval instars for D. tityus. Can you tell me a page number???
  11. Is there a good reference somewhere for the size of the head capsules during L1,L2,L3 for D. tityus?
  12. where were you able to purchase those beetles from? I've been looking around and can't seem to find a place that sells them in USA
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