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  1. If the substrate heats up, you are doing the right thing. What is nutrient wheat flour?
  2. They can fight over food, not just females. I personally don't keep males together because if they do fight, they might die or lose some limbs in the process. It is your risk to take.
  3. Generally, you want to avoid keeping any kind of males together even if they are the same species.
  4. Unfortunately, not that many people have kept them due to their rarity. If I were to guess, they would be kept like other dynastids but a bit on the dry side.
  5. I advise you to put it somewhere warmer because fermentation is very slow when cold. Temperature is very important for making flake soil hence the reason why people usually make it during the summer.
  6. There's a lot of topics about the making of flake soil in the forum. What questions do you need answered?
  7. I would completely dry out the substrate if you don't plan on using your substrate anytime soon
  8. Head size doesn't indicate whether or not the larva will turn out to be a major or a minor. There is a reason why breeders weigh their larva.
  9. Spraying once or twice a week should be sufficient. I don't know how fast they go through substrate since I never kept them but changing the substrate every 2-3 weeks or so should be good if you are keeping 3 or more larvae in a single container.
  10. It all depends on what container size you will be keeping them in and how much ventilation there is.. If you notice that more than 50% of the substrate is frass, it is a sign to change the substrate. Personally, I mist the substrate if the top inch or so looks a bit dry.
  11. Was wondering if anyone knows how heavy the males should be for majors
  12. Maybe after the whole covid situation
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