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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows how heavy the males should be for majors
  2. Maybe after the whole covid situation
  3. Same area as me! Nothing much in CA..but I guess cerechus and rugose are your options.
  4. @JKim What does your set up look like with the fluorescent lamps? And where can I get the blacklight tube?
  5. Danny

    yo, long time man...IM BACK!!!!

  6. According to this pdf it is http://pi.cdfa.ca.gov/pqm/manual/pdf/111.pdf
  7. i don't know if it's entirely true, but according to this pdf it is http://pi.cdfa.ca.gov/pqm/manual/pdf/111.pdf
  8. I read in some article that lignin in hardwood starts to degrade when the temperature reaches 240-260 degrees celcius. So if I were to heat sawdust to that temperature and ferment it using wheat bran and yeast, wouldn't the sawdust, in theory, ferment faster due to the fact that bacteria don't have to spend their time breaking down lignin? Or is this not how it works?
  9. lucky you, only if i had the money to buy the composter.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! :)

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