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  1. Do they actually eat the koi pellets? I've been thinking of supplementing them.
  2. If the food at the top keeps disappearing that means it is eating it. So don't worry too much. Also remember to soak the pellets so it's nice and moist.
  3. The quality of the substrate does indeed matter a lot. I do believe that the size of the parents also matter(if you are trying to aim for the maximum size). https://www.aru-na.net/post-312/1 This page talks about D.hercules but it should apply to other beetles too.
  4. Nothing wrong with not being active. That's just how larvae are..As long as you see their mouth moving they are feeding.
  5. Yes they are. As long as you have the substrate, you can keep any kind of beetles.
  6. If you want to own a group, harlequin and blue death feigning beetles are good. Blue death feigning beetles are hard to breed so they won't over run your terrarium.
  7. Beetles do not need companions. It is fine if it's alone in its terrarium. Stag beetles can potentially harm harlequin beetles when competing for food. What kind of beetles are you looking for? There are tons of great species to own. Good species to own are Lucanus elaphus, dynastes tityus/granti, blue death feigning beetles, etc... If you are fairly new to beetle keeping, harlequin beetles is a good start.
  8. I was wondering about this too. It seems like exotic mantis are not 100% legal but no one seems to bat an eye. However it's most likely due to the fact that they are predators which means they don't pose as a threat to agricultural crops in the U.S.
  9. Hi, there are tons of information on this forum. For future reference, you can use the search function to look up the answers you are looking for. But I will briefly answer your questions for now. You can make flake soil using oak pellets or collect rotting oak wood/leaves. Pupa do not eat. However, it is advised to spray them once in a while if the conditions get dry. You can leave them in their cell or make a separate cell using floral foam. That is up to you. As long as there is enough space. You will need to increase their space size as they gro
  10. I personally haven't seen anyone that put dog or fish food for making high protein flake soil. They are usually given as a supplement. For making high protein flake soil, I've seen people add soybean powder and silkworm pupa powder but even these can cause mold and possible mite explosions if too much is added. Finding the right amount is key.
  11. Cool. Good luck with rearing the larvae. Tell us how it goes! I've found adults inside rotting logs, so the larvae probably feeds on rotting wood/organic debris.
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