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  1. Beetle jelly works with Chrysina Gloriosa but I would prefer a juniper leaf.
  2. https://bugsincyberspace.com/product/stag-beetle-lucanus-mazama/ BIC had some Lucanus Mazama but it seems to have sold out.
  3. I have a few reptiles as well as my Bearded dragon.
  4. Hope you succeed in breeding them!
  5. Lots of people have been coming to Payson for Dynastes Granti but the numbers aren't going down!
  6. Welcome! Happy to meet you. Hope you have a great experience here!
  7. I reared them for quite a while and they barely eat any food that I give them.
  8. . 011A1495z_8cb97beb-75df-40bf-890b-b93422cb3b53_360x.webp
  9. Yes, they are ovaries that you can find on female stag beetle larvae.
  10. Give me some pictures of the back of the larvae. If you see the orange ovaries it is a female.
  11. Those tiny larvae are very hard to see. They are very small so I recommend leaving out for a while and don't bother it.
  12. The problem with the $6.99 mesquite bbq pellets is that it has a high shipping.
  13. When you think about it a 102 eggs from one female is a lot.
  14. How did you get that much eggs from just one female?
  15. I get nice results in Prince WIlliam Park. When there is no moon and over 87 degrees fahrenheit.
  16. I live in VA and I get tons of Dynastes Tityus on a night. I only get tons on nights where the conditions are right.
  17. It's probably going to be a captive bred female.
  18. He might've just had them before and put them there for a video.
  19. You might want to check this thread out. Some people has passed without a fine but others got caught.
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