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  1. Hi Nathan. How long do you keep them at 40F? So you wait for them to emerge at room temperature and then when they emerge you put them in the cooler? Thank you for your help!
  2. I have been breeding M sleeperi for about 6 years now and I find them very straight forward. Room temperature and flake soil and they do fine. Some will take 1 year to become adults and others will take 2 years. I have them in the exact same conditions so not sure what makes the difference. So seeing nothing happen for long periods is normal for the 2 year grubs. As far as losing weight, I'm not really sure why that is happening. I never weigh any of my grubs so I'm not sure if mine do that as well. I do occasionally have grubs die and I'm not sure what the cause is. But 90% are fine and
  3. Yes, generally late August through early September. Each year can be different so it really helps to ask other collectors that have gone there recently or live there what the status is. Good luck and have fun!
  4. There is only one Home Depot in Payson, AZ so if you get lost, anyone there will be able to direct you. But just in case this is the address: 2000 N Beeline Hwy, Payson, AZ 85541. It's a good spot for D grantii when they are flying as long as you don't happen to go there right after someone else has collected them. It's a pretty well known spot. You need to make a MV/MH light setup if you plan to use your own lights and not hit the various lights in Payson. Black lights and definitely the light you showed in the link don't work that well at drawing in D grantii. It's strange. You definit
  5. I think 70 will be ok but sometimes you will need to referment it if after 3 months its not very dark brown or black. The best results are in the summer when its 80 or above. It's sort of trial and error thing.
  6. Like Oak said, temperature is the key. When the temps are high, things go great, when the temps are low, it can stop the fermenting process or take very, very long. The basement being kept warm should work. I have my composters in a room with a small space heater and the room is kept at 75 degrees and it works fine during the winter. Any area that you can keep warm will do it.
  7. For breeding? Larvae? Or just a pet adult beetle? If its for a pet adult beetle, blue death feigning beetles are the best imo.
  8. Generally it's too late to find D grantii. The season also started very early this year. However, you just never know and sometimes you can get lucky. Good luck.
  9. I would wait a few days and see what happens. The smell is a good sign. If that smell get stronger in the next week, I think it will be fine.
  10. Wow, way to go! Its not easy getting D grantii off of ash trees in the daytime. I have heard they can be pretty high up on the Ash trees. Not many people have done it. I'm too lazy and just setup a MV light and let them come to me. But I would like to try it some day, though its hard work, I think it would be fun. Just FYI, most of the time there is no need to mate the wild caught females to breed. I usually just catch a few females and put them in a bin and they lay eggs no problem without any males. However, it doesn't hurt to have males in there too. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Welcome Chris! I'm from California as well. 50 larvae is fantastic from S aloeus, they can sometimes be not that easy to eggs from.
  12. Make sure the holes aren't too big, you don't want it to dry out too fast.
  13. Congrats hadogenes! Yeah, you have to use the MV for D granti. I tried using black lights one year and set them up all over and my MV got 10x that amount. For some odd reason, D grantii just are not that attracted to black light, unlike most other beetles. Yes, the best nights are when the temps are high, no wind and of course no moon. If you get that combo at the right time of the season, it can be awesome. Glad to hear it worked out for you.
  14. Palm Springs area off the 10 freeway is probably the closest. You can also check inaturalist for locations.
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