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  1. yes I've caught many from gas stations and rest stops.
  2. And basically everything that is needed for light trapping Dynastes Tityus and Dynastes Granti.
  3. I know there were many posts like this in the past but just trying to make things clear. What is the cheapest 900watt generator that you can buy? I also need some MV bulbs, converter, stick lamp, and a blacklight. Can you give me some recommndations which I should use? If you are going to put links, Amazon links would be helpful.
  4. The bottom one's head just looked like it was L3.
  5. I also see some L3 in there also.
  6. Btw did you get eggs with him and a female? That is probably the biggest one someone ever showed us in beetle forum.
  7. What is the possibility of your Dynastes Tityus larvae dying? Are fresh collected substrate in a cavity of a tree suitable for Dynastes Tityus? I've made hundreds of gallons in the past but most of them succeeded. This one batch that did this summer didn't turn out that great. I saw a Japanese research file about flake soil. It said to add a plant based protein and when I did so, it created green mold in 4 days. So, are fresh collected substrate in a cavity of a tree suitable for Dynastes Tityus? Thanks, Daniel.
  8. I heard that they grow up to 75mm in Japan with their "high protein flake soil"
  9. Can you put some pictures of the larvae to estimate the stage, and every larvae is different so you never know when it will pupate lol.
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