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  1. https://junsukkim.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/beetle-substrate/ Thanks Jkim this was very useful. I saw white, green and black molds. Maybe it wasn't mixed evenly. I also didn't know that beer and dog food can play a role in fermentation.
  2. How do we know when it expired? If is too old to use it?
  3. I brought 20 lbs of this stuff and thought that I was ready for them to pupate. Thanks for your info. Now I still have time to look for other options
  4. I wonder whats the normal gender ratios are. Looks like I have 4 L3 males, 2 L3 female and 1 dieing L2 unsexed.
  5. I have 4 more from a different strand. They are growing much faster. One from 8.3g to 32.3g in a month.
  6. Yes I got 3 from Peter Clausen. They are now 7.1g, 11.6g and one that went from 4.0g to 2.7g in a month. If your's are siblings of my grubs. They are growing way faster.
  7. Thanks guys. Ratmosphere, your flake soil tutorial video was very helpful.
  8. Pet photoshoot! Steven's strand lives on.
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