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  1. I uses flake soil and coconut fiber for egg laying tank.
  2. I add protein pellets as soon as I see new hatchings. But I notice. They don't touch it till a week or longer. I am not sure if they eat flake soil or they just don't need food that soon.
  3. You can take the cell out after two months. After 6 months. You can open the cell. They can dormant like this.
  4. I had 2 males. That went from pupas to adults about 5 weeks. The color and shape changes.
  5. How do you deal with these issues? Preventing them from fly away: Drop temperature to under 70° Wet the wings Tape the elytra or elytron Cut/remove? Let them fly without getting away: Leash/string on a leg In a enclosed room Set up a tent
  6. Not sure what type of hardwood theses are but look at the price. $5.79 for 40lbs. Can be pickup at Lowe's
  7. Thats a store that I can goto so no shipping cost. You can try to find your local wholesale grocery suppliers.
  8. WHOLESALE FOOD AND RESTAURANT SUPPLIES https://www.chefstore.com/locations/store/seattle-549/ Saw these low prices at a local store. But I haven't tested it. $6.99 for 20 lbs
  9. I have found them at Home Depo
  10. Are they really that green? I have brownish green.
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