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  1. I had 2 males. That went from pupas to adults about 5 weeks. The color and shape changes.
  2. How do you deal with these issues? Preventing them from fly away: Drop temperature to under 70° Wet the wings Tape the elytra or elytron Cut/remove? Let them fly without getting away: Leash/string on a leg In a enclosed room Set up a tent
  3. Not sure what type of hardwood theses are but look at the price. $5.79 for 40lbs. Can be pickup at Lowe's
  4. Thats a store that I can goto so no shipping cost. You can try to find your local wholesale grocery suppliers.
  5. WHOLESALE FOOD AND RESTAURANT SUPPLIES https://www.chefstore.com/locations/store/seattle-549/ Saw these low prices at a local store. But I haven't tested it. $6.99 for 20 lbs
  6. I have found them at Home Depo
  7. Are they really that green? I have brownish green.
  8. Eastern Hercules, Tityus male have two little side horns in addition to the two big horns.
  9. I can too use a beetle doll house 😀
  10. Sure after he wake up. He is still in la la land.
  11. First time with any beetles. I am rearing along with my goliathus. In my Lucanus Elaphus group one thats in a bigger container with deeper clay has already been a pupa for 13 days. The others are just lagging behind. Wonder if they doesn't like the setup.
  12. I might be running into similar issues with Lucanus Elaphus. I didn't fill the containers to the top. They do not come to the top anymore. They been under the clay for about 1.5 months. But hasn't make cells. Looks like they are getting close to pupate in the tunnel. They are yellow, moving slow and takes characteristics of a pupa's movement. What should i do at this point? Take them out and start over? Leave it in the tunnel or wait for it to be prepupa and made an artificial cell?
  13. My first beetle from grub to adult.
  14. It's good to see you on here too.
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