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  1. Do you know what the adult lifespan of these is?
  2. very nice beetle, do you have a picture of the Alaus?
  3. What about the anti-mite zeolite? The main trick is low fat content food but it depends on the species.
  4. Goliathus haven't changed in 25 years because today's stocks are primarily a few generations from wild-caught. I am stuck on the original methodology because it worked for more than 25 years for G. goliatus, G. orientalis, and G. albosignatus and multiple generations of hybrids, not because it worked once in the 1990s. Sandy soil is probably still better than clay for cells. I posted my opinion to answer the original poster (it doesn't really matter if I know him/her or not). You do not have to agree with my opinion but bashing my opinion and me because I disagree with your opinion is uncalled for.
  5. I've known Acro 20 some years and my answer was a personal response to him. The nuances can be all the difference but they're almost never repeatable across different breeders.
  6. I believe nobody has really added anything to my 1996 rearing methods detailed in that book and others. The little differences are just nuances.
  7. How about adult Dynastes tityus $60pr./ shipping $28 (or $9 no LAG)
  8. The golden hair on his head is too short.
  9. Welcome. Dynastes tityus is my favorite beetle but there are so many that are so beautiful. You don't need to artificially rot, rotten wood. Try fermenting some pellets and then mix in you rotten wood but be sure it is treated so it does not contain earthworms, nematodes, whiteworms, etc.
  10. Those are some great beetles. How big were the Goliathus?
  11. Don't move her for a day or two or she may get some dents in the elytra. I don't use artificial cells unless the real one is damaged.
  12. Arizona collectors at the right time of year. They are incredibly easy to rear through generations so it is a little surprising you don't see C.B. on vendor lists.
  13. Another problems with this species is the restricted range. I've never seen a live adult and I tried for a long time to get some. capreolus and mazama are pretty easy to catch or buy.
  14. Measured in the field, do you mean you caught it somewhere?
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