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  1. Maybe they can smell the rotting wood soil from miles away.
  2. From looking at those pictures I'd be hard pressed to believe either are Orthoporus, especially the instagram since there are almost certainly two different orders represented, neither of which appear to be Spirostreptida. The AB one is among my reference to disappeared threads since they never reached an appreciable size over a relatively long time and there was never an update with something bigger than a julid. Also, they are almost certainly julids because the smallest ones aren't the right shape to be that tiny for a large species.
  3. I've followed people posting baby Orthoporus for decades but every thread I've followed disappeared or turned into julids. That's why I mentioned big foot since I've heard many stories but never yet a confirmation. Do you have a link you can share for a previous solid documentation? Still if these are babies then it should be possible to raise them and go again.
  4. It's interesting they are able to locate the tree holes over miles. It's the same in many new growth areas where an old tree from a field lines can be thousands of feet away from the next and they still find it.
  5. You would be the first person to breed Orthoporus indoors. It seems unlikely as bigfoot but I'd be happy to trade for some. Also, from the number of legs and segments of the animal pictured it has molted at least 3 times if not a dozen.
  6. How big are they? Where did you find them?
  7. Those molt at most every three weeks, more when younger and more for smaller species so they will take some time to grow. The time is supposedly much less at temperatures of 85 to 90F though I doubt the vast differences often attributed to temperature (they do grow faster when warm just not that much faster). Good luck!
  8. Rain beetles are the big common scarab beetles in your state.
  9. A few black spots from damage are harmless but sometimes a bunch of spots are simply a prequel to death.
  10. Or bring back Maui's sky hook and you can turn into whatever you want. I would love to see some good pictures of Koa bugs posted on the forum. It's a metallic green, red, or blue 2" shield bug.
  11. If it is native to Hawaii you would get in big trouble but other than the Koa bug all the native inverts are tiny and boring. If it is adventive you are allowed to take it but you don't want to try taking something that isn't allowed where you're taking it. There are some really nice, metallic blue roaches with two orange spots that are adventive and should be okay to bring most places. I've seen pictures and they're beautiful but only half an inch.
  12. Compaction is an urban myth but it doesn't have anything good for them.
  13. Chad Arment has a neat book compiling a lot of the old literature for all different ones but it doesn't have the thirty new timema that all look the same.
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