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  1. Those are some great beetles. How big were the Goliathus?
  2. Don't move her for a day or two or she may get some dents in the elytra. I don't use artificial cells unless the real one is damaged.
  3. Arizona collectors at the right time of year. They are incredibly easy to rear through generations so it is a little surprising you don't see C.B. on vendor lists.
  4. Another problems with this species is the restricted range. I've never seen a live adult and I tried for a long time to get some. capreolus and mazama are pretty easy to catch or buy.
  5. Measured in the field, do you mean you caught it somewhere?
  6. F1 is the first offspring or filial generation; F2 is the second; and so on. Successive generations of progeny.
  7. Also, some of the cetonid cultures at World of the Insect are older than almost anyone on this board.
  8. I'd say 30 days at least but two or three months is usually how long they stay dormant unless you keep them in a hothouse.
  9. I just put them in a cool corner of the basement. I've never used a normal refrigerator for them, just one adjusted to about 55. If you keep them too warm too fast they will die much faster and lay few or no eggs, but their need or reaction to diapause depends greatly on the stock origin (cold climate, subtropical, or long-term C.B.). Depending where they come from many will never turn yellow, just green or gray, and only when they're dry and too dry will kill them rapidly.
  10. You may be right but it is spelled Braf on a dozen different pictures so it is not a typo. They were from a friend who speaks Czech and different languages spell many cities and countries differently.
  11. I have a few invert photos labeled Braf Croatia but it does not show up on searches. Anybody know where this is?
  12. The legs turn black days before they molt. If the body turns black they died.
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