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  1. Yes, but be vary careful with snakes. I was in Texas searching tree cavities and almost got bit by a cottonmouth.
  2. Yes, obviously you can’t plant a small tree expecting to catch rhino beetles 100% of the time. There are other factors too, like climate, location, vegetation, etc. I was just asking because it would be nice to find a small population of them living in the US.
  3. Is there any hope of finding Megasoma pacheoci here in the US?
  4. What types of trees attract Megasoma pacheoci in the wild?
  5. I wish to keep this species one day.
  6. My favorite is the Goliathus casicus.
  7. I use compost and cocofiber. I’ve kept them separated, so no cannibalism .
  8. I hope this larva doesn’t explode before it becomes an adult. This thing must live in the tree from Avatar.
  9. For anyone that doesn’t want to see the entire video, skip to 40:00.
  10. This might be the largest grub on YouTube.
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