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  1. What’s the best substrate to use for Lucanus elaphus larvae?
  2. I hope I’m able to find some Megasoma vogti this year.
  3. Mesquites can be found in most of Texas. I wonder why Megasoma vogti can only be found in certain parts of Texas?
  4. Do Megasoma vogti and Megasoma punctulatus larvae feed on rotting mesquite in the wild?
  5. What is the largest Dynastes tityus ever recorded?
  6. Thank you, will a 2” tall 8 oz deli container work for diapause? What is the shortest time I could put Dynastes tityus in diapause?
  7. Is rotten evergreen oak, ash, sycamore sawdust good for feeding Dynastes tityus and Dynastes Granti larvae?
  8. Yes, but how can I find Strategus aloeus adults without using lights.
  9. What does Strategus aloeus adults eat in the wild?
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