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  2. Mine is @trogidae. I post some bugs stuff from time to time.
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  4. Welcome! Sorry for the late response.
  5. Interesting reads. I was wondering if anyone else was raising Goliathus goliatus. I've got what I assume is still an L2. They GROW, my first experience with the species. When I bought my grub, I bought the breeder recommended substrate and pupation material, coconut fiber and then Georgia red clay, the clay,sold by the pound, I bought 3 pounds to be sure, I have months to go still, but it's good to have everything on hand. It's exciting to have an animal like this at home, and look forward to the experiences of others and my own. Good luck with your beetle. I had a clo
  6. Very unique species from Florida. While these look somewhat similar to E. fulgida, they are much smaller (about 2/3 of fulgida) and have different color scheme.
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  8. Nope, I'm using your substrate in this case and I have all I need for now. Wandering seems to have stopped (after 2 escapes) so hopefully it works out.
  9. scottbot84 - do you need some pupation substrate? I don't have any posted on the site but should be able to get you set up
  10. You should because all of those species are pretty docile.
  11. During hibernations yes lol. That means a post hibernation tityus. A. I have read that lol, and B. Orin's word is not always right.
  12. You are wrong about the handling part. https://ibb.co/Ry7wxR7. You can’t say Orin is wrong.
  13. The best dung beetle trap design I've ever seen was trap constructed by Vernon Antoine Brou Jr. (Abita Springs, Louisiana). Below is a link to his FB post, with a lot of discussions under comment section too. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=110003892451692&set=a.107115286073886 I too used his trap design to collect hundreds and thousands of dung beetles or any insects attracted to animal/human feces, including Phanaeus vindex, Onthophagus taurus, Onthophagus hecate, Onthophagus medorensis, Deltochilum gibbosum, Copris minutus, Canthon chalcites, Onthophilus, Geotrupes blackb
  14. Cp’s stand for carnivorous plants. From left to right Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa Nepenthes alata Nepenthes ventricosa Drosera tokaiensis
  15. I knew I was wrong! Also, I said "I think"
  16. I have a permit lol. Can like ask, before going to conclusion?
  17. Is it possible that I can keep 2 velvet ants with 2 desert millipedes and darklings?
  18. Please no false info. Geotrupes splendidus has been collected by me on multiple occasions under carnivore dung, but never under herbivore dung. Most NA dung beetles prefer swine/human poop, both omnivorous creatures. Also, eating veggies for a day don't change your poop lol.
  19. Vastly reduce lifespan (they live up to a year kept properly with long dormancy). Plus still needs a short period of dormancy (shortened with handling and light/disturbance/artificial chamber), you might have not noticed it. Btw if you are in the US, it is not legal for you to own D.hercules (I owned some living in China a while back), please don't post on forums about rearing beetles illegally ;P.
  20. Really? I heard they live to be around 6 months as adults. Then again, I don't know exactly how old she was when I purchased her. That's something only Bugs In Cyberspace knows. Despite the crooks in her hind legs, she appears to be in healthy looking in shape. Hopefully I will have her longer.
  21. You sound like an overprotective parent. The beetle, knows what it's doing.
  22. when I had those they lived a year. You still have plenty of time with the right care (I used apples personally)
  23. Thanks. I'm just going to let her live out the rest of her days. Ever since swapping the June Bugs, she has been a little more active. I also removed the platform. She seems to like walking around more on the substrate. I think she has these swings of "slow and feeble" to "vigor and strength!"
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