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How to tell when Flake Soil is done fermenting?


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On 3/28/2021 at 12:06 AM, Fire Moth said:

How do we know when it expired?  If is too old to use it?

I never really kept my substrate too long unused... But if it is no longer usable, it will either or both: smell bad, discolored, pest infection occurred, etc.

The smell really is the one thing you can easily notice... If it smells wrong, and comparably different from when it was fresh... then yea, you can easily tell it.

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19 hours ago, Reyes said:

But if I don't mix my substrate very often, will it become bad?

Yea.. unless you are using agricultural ferment starter (which is usually anaerobic), your substrate should be made aerobic. So if you don't mix it often enough while it is in process of fermentation, your substrate won't ferment properly (to feed your scarab larvae).

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