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  1. Are you by chance on any hallucinative medicines?
  2. Extremely funny man takes to much medicine beetle shrinks in front of his eyes
  3. You are hallucinating to Carbon Dioxide.
  4. That’s very impressive! You must have given them excellent care!!
  5. That's so cute!!!!!!!
  6. None of them are moving some time ago. I accidentally left them outside and forgot to bring them back.
  7. Hi, my dynastes larvas are not moving and are squishy. Are they ok?https://ibb.co/SxhRt2G https://ibb.co/4SGyzzJ
  8. But if I don't mix my substrate very often, will it become bad?
  9. What I'm curious about is how they got that color. Did they get sprayed by another darkling beetle, or is it something else? Please help me.
  10. I have done a autopsy on my dead E. Armata. They did not have any wings. But Ben, I believe we are talking about the more Forest species. I believe all Tenebroides sp. can fly. But like Goliathus have said, it's in a limited way.
  11. The beetles have wings. Although I’ve never seen an adult in my culture fly, I’m pretty sure they can as adults. If I’m wrong, please correct me.
  12. I haven’t been mixing my Flake Soil often. So how do I tell when it’s done fermenting?
  13. I mean, I keep ghost, shield, and spiny flower mantises with no problem in the US. I doubt there are much illegal species to keep. You must do your research first before getting them.
  14. Alright. But there was also a dead tiny fungus nat larvae surrounded by a pentagon of strings. It looked like a ritual.
  15. I would get some aquatic beetles if your tank can support water. If not, then darkling beetle
  16. Ok, thanks! I will breed mine like that from now on.
  17. I found this in my Hercules beetle rearing tank. It is a fungus nat. I’m concerned it might affect my beetles. There was also a fungus nat larvae covered in fungi. Is my tank ok? Here a picture. https://ibb.co/VxJ9K1Q
  18. DAMN! I tried breeding them but it never worked out. You are lucky! What is you setup?
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