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  1. I knew I was wrong! Also, I said "I think"
  2. I have a permit lol. Can like ask, before going to conclusion?
  3. You sound like an overprotective parent. The beetle, knows what it's doing.
  4. My favorite animal would be beetles and other octopuses.
  5. I do not believe there is an any vitamin fruit for beetles. Seems like your beetle is just getting old.
  6. Also, I think if you ate only vegetable for a day, you're fecal will attract more dung beetles and possibly lay eggs.
  7. I was just curious if they really needed dormancy.
  8. I never read anything about Dynastes Hercules needing dormancy. Mine all emerged without dormancy nor hibernation. They were extremely healthy as well.
  9. Do Dynastes Hercules require dormancy or hibernation?
  10. They require decaying wood soil. If you put them in the vivarium it'll be too hard to find them again.
  11. Such as the chagas disease from assassin bugs that can kill you over time.
  12. Learn how to care for one before getting it.
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