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  1. Also, I only measure how many pounds when it is still pellets and not moist right?
  2. No, you don't understand, I got it right after going into the link.
  3. Yes, I got a virus from it. Had to download AntiVirus and it costed me 5 bucks.
  4. Your home must have lot's of red rot wood if it were to be a Ceruchus which I'm interested in purchasing.
  5. Also, the wheat flour I'm currently using is a Korean brand. The ingredients only say, Wheat Flour.
  6. The substrate is pretty hot. The added nutrient flour has another kind of flour and folic acid.
  7. I have a quick question, I got a 20 pound bag of treagers oak pellet. Took out about one or two pound. Now, I soaked the 19 pounds in water. Added about five pounds of wheat flour and two packs of dry yeast. I do not have a bag so I put it in a container. I mix it almost all day. Am I doing the right thing? Also, can is use nutrient wheat flour?
  8. It’s a Tylobolus uncigerus thanks! But does it do well in capivity?
  9. I found them in Northern California.https://ibb.co/hWT8X1k
  10. I heard if the larvae eats to much of the perlite, it will sick or even die from not being able to digest it. But, I’m not completely sure about that.
  11. Happy thanksgiving!!! Thank you all for helping me on my quest of keeping insects!
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