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  1. I haven’t been mixing my Flake Soil often. So how do I tell when it’s done fermenting?
  2. I mean, I keep ghost, shield, and spiny flower mantises with no problem in the US. I doubt there are much illegal species to keep. You must do your research first before getting them.
  3. Alright. But there was also a dead tiny fungus nat larvae surrounded by a pentagon of strings. It looked like a ritual.
  4. I would get some aquatic beetles if your tank can support water. If not, then darkling beetle
  5. Ok, thanks! I will breed mine like that from now on.
  6. I found this in my Hercules beetle rearing tank. It is a fungus nat. I’m concerned it might affect my beetles. There was also a fungus nat larvae covered in fungi. Is my tank ok? Here a picture. https://ibb.co/VxJ9K1Q
  7. DAMN! I tried breeding them but it never worked out. You are lucky! What is you setup?
  8. Are you sure they are ironclad beetles? May I have some pictures the beetles?
  9. Welcome Ed!!!!! I hope you enjoy this forum!
  10. ?????? This is the introduce yourself section. Please post this at the General Beetle Discussions.
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