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  1. Yes, boiling wood should be fine. I've done that numerous times too. No issue found.
  2. No one knows whether you can cat one in your location...lol Since we don't live with you haha Only way to find out whether D. tityus occurs in your backyard is to try find them. Virginia is like a middle of D. tityus occurrence, so should be a lot easier to locate them with substantial knowledge of course. You can't just find one like you would find a random ants or flies. Many LED lights commercially available DO NOT emits UV to attract insects. I know there are some LEDs that does, but barely emitting to collect scarabs. There are some researches done regarding to use of
  3. I was located at northern Louisiana where I collected around 10+ different species of scarabs in my teenager year just in my backyard, neighboring park, etc. Your profile location is Virginia. Why don't you go find them at your street light? You know D. tityus occurs in VA, right? Virginia is like a middle of occurrence of D. tityus whilst Texas or Louisiana is farther end of their occurrence (which makes it so much difficult to collect as much as you can in Virginia). What's your location? city? county? try do your own research on iNaturalist and Bugguide as there are quite number of public
  4. There is no way to perfectly kill pests inside the wood (unless it is small sized of less than (let's say) 2 inches) just by freeze or boil those rotten wood. I would rather just carefully clean surface area (remove bark if there is one), and make sure there is no holes. Any rotten wood you picked up from ground should be avoided from use. Anything that was in midair, barely touched ground should work better. Any rotten wood that is clean, go ahead boil it for an extra care. But even if you boil wood for hours and hours, it doesn't kill all the pests inside the wood. Which goes same for freezi
  5. Never seen the detailed structure of this fascinating beetle species!! A friend of mine who went to UK actually collected this in person at field, and shared me some pictures. It was AMAZING!!
  6. Usually, 4-5 days are not enough to ferment any raw sawdust unless you used agricultural mixer or heater things you know what used in Japan or in farms... (large scales). I would go ahead dry it out completely, and then mix up with your known formulas again to retry it.
  7. When did you make a purchase? Was it right before you posted this????? If not, this thread seems quite misleading as if they sell moldy substrate 😅
  8. 4 inches are fine enough. I emerged major male in a food jar that is about 6 inches wide (diameter) and less than 4 inches tall. As long as your container is taller than around 3 inches, Lucanids are okay in height-wise.
  9. I use a COB LED flashlights that works with 18650 batteries. If you get genuine 18650 battery with a good quality COB LED flashlights, it works very perfect! This is a link to the product I'm using: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086626C4V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And by the way, there are a lot of fake headlamps out there (such as: stating they can light up to 20,000 lumen, but actually not). So watch out for that. Most of them are priced very low.. The good COB LED flashlights with high lumen are usually stays around 20 dollars or over. I ha
  10. Not me, but we do have couple Canadian members in the Beetle Forum come and goes. Since most of the members are based in the U.S. it seems it is rather challenging for members from different countries to keep up their membership here.
  11. If you are referring Dyscinetus morator as the rice beetle, they do play dead. A lot of insects actually do.
  12. The best dung beetle trap design I've ever seen was trap constructed by Vernon Antoine Brou Jr. (Abita Springs, Louisiana). Below is a link to his FB post, with a lot of discussions under comment section too. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=110003892451692&set=a.107115286073886 I too used his trap design to collect hundreds and thousands of dung beetles or any insects attracted to animal/human feces, including Phanaeus vindex, Onthophagus taurus, Onthophagus hecate, Onthophagus medorensis, Deltochilum gibbosum, Copris minutus, Canthon chalcites, Onthophilus, Geotrupes blackb
  13. It is commonly known as may beetle species under the genus Phyllophaga. They are often appear in May. (but can be found from April to October, and all depends on weather, regions, species, ...). Hard to tell species as the picture barely shows any features.
  14. Go ahead and place the larva into new habitat. If you can, grab some old substrate and mix with new substrate. Or am I not understanding your question enough?
  15. Many thinks that the targeted species brings the harm to the native species, but that is less likely the primary reason WHY they are prohibited. The most primary reason to prohibit importation of alive organisms from other countries is the disease and pests that comes with it, which can actually do more harms to native fauna and flora. It sure can be differ per what the species is, but in case of insects, which interacts with plants A LOT, plant disease and pests are the primary reason.
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