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Flake Soil question

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Perhaps the one method I've seen using bran flakes helps with extra protein. Simply mixing in fish pellets or other pet food is going to mold.

Maybe dextrose would work, I use dextrose sometimes in branch water when raising lepidoptera.

Pet foods are normally a supplement, I give my Lucanus elephus koi pellets every month when I check them, I suppose I could do it

more often though. Higher fat content is going to mold quicker.

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I personally haven't seen anyone that put dog or fish food for making high protein flake soil. They are usually given as a supplement. For making high protein flake soil, I've seen people add soybean powder and silkworm pupa powder but even these can cause mold and possible mite explosions if too much is added. Finding the right amount is key. 

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South Korea and Japan are developed for beetle breeding and their flake soil is pro. I know Korean so I search it up on youtube they put soybean powder and other supplements to make the strongest, biggest, healthiest, and largest beetles probably in the country. 

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