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  1. Those things happen, only about 25% of the spiders found in my house get scooped up and tossed outdoors- There's only one way to learn, I did a lot of pointless animal killing when I was much smaller.
  2. I doubt the beetle spray will harm a human for more than a short while, I didn't look at the link, I've donated to wikipedia in the past, and since then, every time I used the site, they'd ask for more money, so I avoid them. You let someone kill the beetle? I'm not sure that's a very good lesson for nature appreciation, we learn our phobias from our parents and others, you must realize the insect was just behaving normally.
  3. So, Red Bull... you might get a commercial out of that. Dispatching insects- the freezer works well, there are also fluids, like ethyl acetate that work, but beetles can be resilient and need several hours in a dispatching jar. I had a female Lucanus elephus that went belly up about a week ago, and wasn't coming back, I used the fluid and she'll go into my collection. Nature is one thing, but when an insect is laying upside down slowly twitching it's legs, it's dying, of course, insects are not sentient beings, but I don't like seeing them slowly expire over a day or m
  4. I'd think not, that's the point of a permit, there could be rules for importing, and you'd need to follow those, it's a subject I'm just guessing at, I'll never go to the effort for a beetle permit, and they don't give them for Lepidoptera to hobbyists.
  5. I think if you have a permit, it's going to be legal. Doing it illegally, and being caught, isn't going to be a fee, it's going to be a fine, and probably more.
  6. Ben has the right idea about getting listened to by public officials, I am slightly involved in our local politics, and you need to come off like a sensible person, otherwise you'll get pegged as a twit. As for it going away? I doubt it, it sounds like an issue important to Florida and Hawaii, and it could have ramifications that might spill over into entomology. Frankly I'm not interested in the trade of reptiles and amphibians, I've kept old world chameleons before though, but it's a big market with a lot of amateurs getting in at events leaving with shiny objects. I re
  7. As worms, or beetles? Maybe, I've never given it any thought, when I raised mealworms, it was for feeders, most beetles do fly though, some don't, but they're in the minority. Some flying insects are reluctant to fly, many years ago, I'd caught a water strider and had it on the walk looking at it, when it flew off. I'd never seen one flying, and have never seen it mentioned in any book.
  8. I have no idea how to make a link. Apparently it's easier than I think, and that's probably the problem. Anyway, I bought a Wen 2000 watt from Amazon, I like it, it weighs 37 pounds or so, a handle, several outlets, and is quiet, I have a decibel meter I originally bought to keep the neighbor's vacation rental noise under control, but the generator, while the sound is steady, is quiet, I know people that can talk louder. Shipping took a while, and it's probably something you'd want to be home to receive. Honda is supposed to be quieter, but that brand name will cost
  9. I think that's correct, all you need to do is look it up, if it's a nature preserve, or National Park you can look, but not touch.
  10. I spent 425$, I had a 200 dollar one that sounded ok picked out, and it had fair reviews, but I changed my mind, all it took was a need for a generator at home to make the decision for me. A few nights without movies and eating freeze dried food. Camping out in your house, is not the same as out in the woods. You can definitely get a generator to run a light for under 300, or you could before all the wildfires, and power outages.
  11. Your location is going to make a difference, only natives are commonly available in the states.
  12. I've read that chunks are good for larger beetles, and that's going to be more of a natural medium than sawdust size material. It would be interesting to have control groups to see what works best, I think the finer material produces quicker results, but I'm just starting, I do know that the material I use- a mix of purchased flake and wild collected material seems to be taking a long time, but the grubs are indoors and healthy.
  13. Try Ebay, or the ubiquitous Amazon, that's where I found my machine, and there are plenty of reviews you can read to help make a decision. This might not be the best time to be looking for a generator though. I bought mine after our power was out for a few days because of wildfires, whatever the reason, it's an investment, and now I have one I can carry and take out in the field if I want. Batteries are fine, but they need recharging, even my car battery sized Goal Zero dies after 2 nights, I like to run the light all night though, it's always a surprise to see what flew i
  14. I think so, I don't watch them, but I know that protein supplements are commonly used to produce larger beetles, what I've read is that you can feed them supplements more often than I do, but I like to let them alone as much as possible, and only check on them once every few weeks, later today I'll check the grubs and feed them some fish food. I've never found a molded pellet in the containers. So they must eat them. I'd probably never bothered to buy pellets if not for the pellets I already had for the goliath grub I raised, although I gave my Lucanus flake fish food a few
  15. Agreed with the above. I've got Lucanus elephus as well, I check them monthly and supplement with koi pellets I have for raising goliathus. I got mine as L2 in Sept. of 19, one which was an L3, has been an adult female since August of '20, the others have been eating and are healthy, I use a mix of collected material and flake soil I purchased. Definitely just tunnels, eventually, they'll pupate, when is anyone's guess. I'll check mine again in a couple weeks, the one good thing about beetle grubs, is once in an eating environment, they don't need a lot of care and gi
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