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  1. Try Bioquip for UV lights. At least you'll get an idea what to look for, if you try another source. I have two lights- an AC/DC, and a DC only light, the important thing is the bulb itself, you could just buy the bulb and ballast and make your own. I also have 2 back up lights that are repurposed with the correct 18w bulbs. They do wear out too- always have a spare.
  2. Nice, glad you figured it out. Humidity is often overlooked. I have a special cage I use for increasing humidity made from plastic panels, I've even used a fogger before for different species.
  3. Interesting. Probably out of your control. A day without food is not going to harm a larva. It might have been an issue with the food plant altogether, I've raised luna before, indoors on Alnus rubra, and Liquidamber respectively, they did not do well with the Red alder, with the Sweetgum, that's a no brainer, they all matured, and I sold the cocoons. An argument between larva isn't going to affect the adults,. Keep at it- it's a learning process. Try Insectnet.com for more lepidoptera information. Things that can affect A. luna- light cycle, meaning day length, they
  4. If you need a dispatching jar, use something glass, and you can use ethyl acetate, aka fingernail polish remover. The classic go to fluid when I was a kid, and I still use it, you can use a paper towel and put in a 1/2 teaspoon or less and it'll do the job, I still use it often, especially since deadly chemicals, for some reason, have become a lot harder to get😛 if at all. Years ago, in the olden days, a person could buy cyanide, but not anymore. I've got a few jars, with plaster of paris at the bottom, and that's pretty standard. Ants- they are in a different category wi
  5. Rubbing alcohol- isopropyl I think it's called, is only for wet preservation. Many insects can live very long times without heads, I think a roach will actually starve before it dies from decapitation, being bisected is probably going to be more serious. As long as the subject is sort of up- Some breeders of Lepidoptera will decapitate a male, usually with Saturniidae to facilitate hand pairing, there are a couple of reasons for this- one being to calm the male... I've read and spoken to breeders that will do this with difficult species. Think about Mantids. I've
  6. Arthropods don't have the ability to shrink at will, I suppose some might seem to become smaller if they were hibernating, but I think it would be virtually imperceptible. Maybe there are more millipedes in your container than you think- Someone replacing the millipedes... reminds me of some tv shows I've seen about non-owners taking "care" of animals or plants while the owner is away, and replacing the dead ones.
  7. Those things happen, only about 25% of the spiders found in my house get scooped up and tossed outdoors- There's only one way to learn, I did a lot of pointless animal killing when I was much smaller.
  8. I doubt the beetle spray will harm a human for more than a short while, I didn't look at the link, I've donated to wikipedia in the past, and since then, every time I used the site, they'd ask for more money, so I avoid them. You let someone kill the beetle? I'm not sure that's a very good lesson for nature appreciation, we learn our phobias from our parents and others, you must realize the insect was just behaving normally.
  9. So, Red Bull... you might get a commercial out of that. Dispatching insects- the freezer works well, there are also fluids, like ethyl acetate that work, but beetles can be resilient and need several hours in a dispatching jar. I had a female Lucanus elephus that went belly up about a week ago, and wasn't coming back, I used the fluid and she'll go into my collection. Nature is one thing, but when an insect is laying upside down slowly twitching it's legs, it's dying, of course, insects are not sentient beings, but I don't like seeing them slowly expire over a day or m
  10. I'd think not, that's the point of a permit, there could be rules for importing, and you'd need to follow those, it's a subject I'm just guessing at, I'll never go to the effort for a beetle permit, and they don't give them for Lepidoptera to hobbyists.
  11. I think if you have a permit, it's going to be legal. Doing it illegally, and being caught, isn't going to be a fee, it's going to be a fine, and probably more.
  12. Ben has the right idea about getting listened to by public officials, I am slightly involved in our local politics, and you need to come off like a sensible person, otherwise you'll get pegged as a twit. As for it going away? I doubt it, it sounds like an issue important to Florida and Hawaii, and it could have ramifications that might spill over into entomology. Frankly I'm not interested in the trade of reptiles and amphibians, I've kept old world chameleons before though, but it's a big market with a lot of amateurs getting in at events leaving with shiny objects. I re
  13. As worms, or beetles? Maybe, I've never given it any thought, when I raised mealworms, it was for feeders, most beetles do fly though, some don't, but they're in the minority. Some flying insects are reluctant to fly, many years ago, I'd caught a water strider and had it on the walk looking at it, when it flew off. I'd never seen one flying, and have never seen it mentioned in any book.
  14. I have no idea how to make a link. Apparently it's easier than I think, and that's probably the problem. Anyway, I bought a Wen 2000 watt from Amazon, I like it, it weighs 37 pounds or so, a handle, several outlets, and is quiet, I have a decibel meter I originally bought to keep the neighbor's vacation rental noise under control, but the generator, while the sound is steady, is quiet, I know people that can talk louder. Shipping took a while, and it's probably something you'd want to be home to receive. Honda is supposed to be quieter, but that brand name will cost
  15. I think that's correct, all you need to do is look it up, if it's a nature preserve, or National Park you can look, but not touch.
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