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I have some friendly wildlife, a busy squirrel, and a very comfortable raccoon, who likes to splay out on the deck rail.

Other than that, it's the clownfish, and they're all wet.

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I don't have any "pets", but do have quite a lot of wildlife that frequents my backyard.  I live on a lake peninsula surrounded by a 3,600 acre oak forest nature reserve.  This fox and deer are some of the latest to show up here - 





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I've been rearing beetles for about 20 years now, and for the first time in my life with insects, I started to keep non-insect started last year... was two tortoises.


And actually, it is only 2 days away from a full year since I kept these two. They arrived in my hands when they were only 40 grams, and now they both exceeds 90 grams!!

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Great wildlife pics Goliathus, foxes are super cute, I watched one for a week while I roofed a house one time, I also know a funny story

about a friend that tried to pet one after a Grateful Dead concert...it looked friendly.

We have deer here, they are almost tame, when they come for the garden, they become "forest goats".

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