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Lucanus Elaphus substrate question

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L elaphus really like to burrow into chunks of white rotten wood, but they don't need to be too big. I normally try to include pieces about 6 inches long, 3 inches wide with some flake soil or regular forest soil from where I find the larvae. Mine have also been reared in just flake soil made from oak pellets, and they seem to like that too. Based on where I find them in the wild, they aren't super picky about substrate as long as it isn't completely broken down and dark brown yet.

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I've read that chunks are good for larger beetles, and that's going to be more of a natural medium than sawdust size material.

It would be interesting to have control groups to see what works best, I think the finer material produces quicker results, but I'm just

starting, I do know that the material I use- a mix of purchased flake and wild collected material seems to be taking a long time,

but the grubs are indoors and healthy.

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