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Dynastes tityus size question

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What is the possibility of your Dynastes Tityus larvae dying? Are fresh collected substrate in a cavity of a tree suitable for Dynastes Tityus? I've made hundreds of gallons in the past but most of them succeeded. This one batch that did this summer didn't turn out that great. I saw a Japanese research file about flake soil. It said to add a plant based protein and when I did so, it created green mold in 4 days. So, are fresh collected substrate in a cavity of a tree suitable for Dynastes Tityus? Thanks, Daniel. 

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14 hours ago, Dynastes TItyus hunter said:

Btw did you get eggs with him and a female? That is probably the biggest one someone ever showed us in beetle forum.  

Yes.  Please see the following post - 


I've now had this culture for nearly 20 years.


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