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Is it safe to buy beetles from Titanmonsterbeetleshop or RhinobeetleUK?

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I have spoken with a trader who knew several persons caught importing beetles illegally, fines in excess of 10 thousand and increased scrutiny,

along with probation. You'd be better off flying to Asia and sending them to yourself. Some persons feel getting a permit is worth it, I've read the

requirements, and wouldn't even try, but that's my feeling about the feds crawling over my house.

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Honestly if you want the US dynastes just wait till spring US beetles and Insectbrothers will have them. Also the overall price for buying from those companies is huge. Once you get your permits you will then have to pay for the beetles which unless your getting bulk (50 or more) its not worth it. The shipping cost would be in the hundreds. And the total would be close to the thousands.

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Legally importing non-natives is not easy. Many years ago, I had dreams of buying lepidoptera livestock from WorldWide Butterflies in the UK, I looked into

import permits. Sure, it was possible. Males in even years, females in odd years. Great. I'm sure it's harder now. Now, we just do it, and assume the risk,

but cocoons are much different than beetle stock. But now, with the "new normal" shipping anything is a risk if you want it alive.

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21 minutes ago, Dynastes TItyus hunter said:

Do you get caught and pay a fee if you have a permit? 

Getting a permit is something you have to do at least couple months ahead of importation. If you get caught, that's it. You get caught.

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I think if you have a permit, it's going to be legal. Doing it illegally, and being caught, isn't going to be a fee, it's going to be a fine, and probably more.

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