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  1. Basically free advertising for your channel, server, business you name it, for a month.
  2. Guys a giveaway has started on my server it is a shoutout in 4 videos (Username, YouTube what ever you want) and you get to pick what I get to do in a video (within reason) EVERYONE can join this giveaway https://discord.gg/w7SPRFf2PS
  3. I know we have discussed this before but I am in search of a light for a light trap that can fit in a suitcase, possibly one that doesn’t require a cord basically runs on batteries.
  4. First giveaway started, its free! (meaning you don’t have to pay) I will be doing insect giveaways in a few weeks!
  5. Here is a non expiration link https://discord.gg/tMYkTS2vXx
  6. Animal and Insect discord giveaways and get exclusive content from my YouTube channel. I will probably be giving away a few insects next month but for now I will do a plant giveaway. There is also going to be a sales chat for if your looking for something. You can also give suggestions to make the server better. https://discord.gg/zCTdwhwd
  7. I have only seen them on 3 websites and they are out of stock. Did they all run out? Does anyone even keep these anymore? Let me know.
  8. Probably just freeze it for 2 or 3 days
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