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  1. Cp’s stand for carnivorous plants. From left to right Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa Nepenthes alata Nepenthes ventricosa Drosera tokaiensis
  2. Is it possible that I can keep 2 velvet ants with 2 desert millipedes and darklings?
  3. The plant came today or should I say plants as the person gave me 2 extra plants. Of different Kalanchoe species!
  4. I ended up winning a mother of millions plant! The auction is over!! There hasn’t been any updates on the next one yet! Stay tuned!
  5. Stick insects for example, some species make clones of themselves and in the past people released a few into the wild and we are still trying to stop those species. So laws were put in place in the US to prevent more invasive species. (But this happens anyways because importing of plants, food, etc.) I hope this clarifies a bit. I mean you could always just move to europe if you really want to keep them.
  6. I just chose the name while creating the account.
  7. Yeah, there are so many species to get!! And more species get discovered every year!
  8. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/sa_epermits/eauth-epermits I don’t think you need to pay.
  9. If you have proper permits yes! Or you could take the risk and possibly get lots of fines against you!
  10. Oh yeah I forgot to update and say it is on Facebook, sorry about that.
  11. Maybe he could boil it for a couple of hours and scrub the leftover and boil again.
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