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  1. Try and separate them as they do cannibalize easily.
  2. Care is similar to C. nitida, just get some soil (topsoil, sand, FS, they will basically eat anything)
  3. I used to compost styrofoam but I realized it was negatively affecting my colony somehow.
  4. Here is some of them some seem freshly emerged others are a few moults in. Its hard to tell how many are in the enclosure I estimate somewhere above or below 100.
  5. I’m still growing them to adults its very slow.
  6. If it doesn’t have spikes its not armata. Probably some other Elodes or darkling.
  7. Also just checked the tank and found that another one has already emerged unintentionally. (One in the middle)
  8. I also managed to cb E. armata! I also managed to do it without the heat? Maybe my house is hot idk, I’ll try to do it again because I have a ton of larvae growing.
  9. Also if you didn’t know Common hissers (Gromphadorhina portentosa) and Halloween hissers (Elliptorhina javanica) are in totally different genus, although they come from the same island, I doubt it would be possible to hybridize them.
  10. Np! I’m glad to make other people happy! It ends in 3 days just so everyone knows!
  11. So all these things are free: you don’t have to pay anything, (most of the stuff is overstock in my collection) 1. 20 A. vulgare or 20 A. nasatum or both if you so choose (US only) 2. Plant painting and 2 plant stickers (Anywhere) This has a price of $30 but, I already have to much plant artwork and stickers, so that’s why I’m giving it away. 3. 1 patch of star moss & 1 broom moss patch (US only We also have lots of fun events, one starts @ 8 tonight. So come and have some fun and make some friends! https://discord.gg/tMYkTS2vXx
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