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(CA or US) Titan Monster Beetle Shop Experience

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Has anyone had experience with titan monster beetle shop? They’re a beetle seller from Taiwan. 


Preferably if you’re from Canada or the US. They offer worldwide shipping but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it as getting non native larvae across the border seems impossible if customs check packages. I was thinking they can label the species as native as it’s hard to tell from just the larvae? 

Is anyone aware of the price of potential fines in Canada from importing these beetles without a permit?

Not sure how customs work, but if anyone has any insight on how they check for these things at the border let me know.

I wasn’t planning on importing non native species, I’m more so curious on how they manage to offer worldwide shipping on species that are non native.



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On 7/6/2021 at 6:39 PM, Dynastes TItyus hunter said:

You might want to check this thread out. 

Some people has passed without a fine but others got caught. 

Gave a good look through that thread, provided some good info. Thanks man

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Titan is pretty long-time seller been there for over 15 years at least that is when I first heard of them, and been pretty well known to a lot of people even in that time. I never purchased any live beetles from him, but some dried specimens and rearing tools, but Titan is a legit dealer indeed. I was a forum member with him at [Maggot's], an English language based forum closed very long time ago.

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