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  1. Its strange that they are legal here then, if they aren’t native.
  2. Ok thank you! I’m from Alberta and was hoping to go herping and see some but I guess that probably won’t happen
  3. I’m from Canada, where Lucanus elaphus are apparently native. However I’ve never seen one of these beetles in my life. Does anyone know what part of Canada they can be found in?
  4. I’ll always be looking for insight from others so let me know about your experiences.
  5. Gave a good look through that thread, provided some good info. Thanks man
  6. Has anyone had experience with titan monster beetle shop? They’re a beetle seller from Taiwan. http://insectweb.org/titan/beetleshop/ Preferably if you’re from Canada or the US. They offer worldwide shipping but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it as getting non native larvae across the border seems impossible if customs check packages. I was thinking they can label the species as native as it’s hard to tell from just the larvae? Is anyone aware of the price of potential fines in Canada from importing these beetles without a permit? Not sure how customs work, but if anyone has any insight on how they check for these things at the border let me know. I wasn’t planning on importing non native species, I’m more so curious on how they manage to offer worldwide shipping on species that are non native. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Jake and I’m from Canada. I currently house many species of mantids and I am looking to expand my insect collection by including some awesome beetles. Currently keeping Mecynorhina polyphemus confluens and Cetonischema speciosa cyanochlora larvae.
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