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  1. Yeah I know over here there's a lot of cool stuff but I'm scared to take a trip to SOCAL Because of covid
  2. I want a beetle infestation! I would give anything for one!
  3. Woah, These are awesome! We have nothing like that in contra costa county.
  4. Hmmm check out aquarimax's videos on breeding them He will probably say I will give a link to his playlist
  5. Hmmm, maybe its getting older? or has just mated and pregnant? So its More clumsy?
  6. In isopods and reptiles they are called morphs. so forms are just variations? Also the Regius goliathus hybrid Bred by insect brothers would in theory create a new species?
  7. Oh my god! I remember this picture on a bugs in cyberspace listing a couple years ago I still was just catching beetles at the time because I never had the money.
  8. Honestly, Its depends on the people checking the parcel.
  9. Probably that i feed it massive superworms!
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