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Beetle ID please - shiny small brown scarab


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I just found a new scarab tonight! I'm not sure what it is though. I tried to get the best pictures I could get, but I will also describe it's appearance.


It is brown with light brown round the cheeks of it's face and underbelly. It kinda reminds me of a maybug or a member of the family, though it's wings are hard. It's brown wings have a shiny rainbow appearance like oil. It's small, yet plump, almost looks gravid, about close to half an inch long. 



Kinda looks like a mini cockchafer or a cross between a maybug, an Asiatic garden beetle,  and a Japanese beetle. 


First time I've ever seen one of these. Hope some one can identify it. I did not keep it. I wont have any more pics.

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It is commonly known as may beetle species under the genus Phyllophaga. They are often appear in May. (but can be found from April to October, and all depends on weather, regions, species, ...). Hard to tell species as the picture barely shows any features.

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