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  1. I'm afraid their season is about to be over
  2. https://bugguide.net/node/view/473796
  3. I had that problem with my 1st stock so I try to sell off all except 2 pairs for myself for breeding.
  4. Ended up selling all except 1 pair. That pair produced 7 larvae so far.
  5. I was told its best to just move the eggs to the enclosure you'll keep them in until they turn into adults with no substrate change
  6. Th thing with this species is you'll never see them outside a monsoon season. You have to hit the spot right after it gets a heavy rain or you wont have any luck. Also, larvae often starve and die if you change out their substrate (like many other Megasoma species) so couple of people who tried them lost their culture this way.
  7. Yeah....its not Davis. Its closer to central TX
  8. I managed to get small number of larvae from these. Most of my adults became active at different time of the year so they never got a chance to mate. Only 3 became active at the same time and produced some offsprings for me.
  9. Unfortunately these never bred for me. I guess standard flake soil isn't suitable for oviposition.
  10. Found dozens of these at Key Largo, FL. Hoping they are easy to breed.
  11. The ones in Miami are Ignelater havaniensis, very similar in shape and size as these south american cousin but no one has cultured them yet I suspect their care won't be different from Pyrophorus....
  12. Orthoporus looks like giant Julids so i wouldn't be surprised if their babies looked like Julids too. Only time will tell I guess.
  13. It really is amazing. It also blows my mind that they can survive in heavily developed areas as long as the tree they can breed in is available.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/BFzmHUvnoMa/?igshid=oyzpoo3r144j https://arachnoboards.com/threads/baby-millipedes.306971/ Here's two
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