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  1. There are several people who keep and breed that species in the US but they aren't able to provide constant supply of this species as it takes around 5 years for them to mature and breed.
  2. A friend of mine also thought it looked like a chiton. lol I wish I could get my hands on some Prosoplecta!
  3. If I manage to breed them i'll probably offer some larvae.
  4. Bastards are still dormant!
  5. One of the scarab larvae that are difficult to ID without examining raster and few other characters. Many are considered lawn pests.
  6. Very unique species from Florida. While these look somewhat similar to E. fulgida, they are much smaller (about 2/3 of fulgida) and have different color scheme.
  7. You need to get there as soon as the sun goes down. Otherwise people will swarm the area and collect them all before you could get to them.
  8. FYI I have them up for sale
  9. I'm having a beetle infestation....
  10. Cetoniinae. Impossible to ID them to species beyond that. Just rear them up in the wood you found them at.
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