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  1. I got hit hard in the face by a strawberry beetle (Harpalus rufipes) once. That smell nearly choked me and burned my eyes! Never had any problem with those guys, but maybe that's why my pet lizards would never eat them. (This was before I really knew anything on this beetle, besides the fact that our backyard critters, especially toads and lizards liked eating them.)
  2. I know the beetle was. The only reason I called him "brave" cause he chased after it and he's only 7, I do feel bad about the situation, I should of never let it happen. I also feel terrible that I let my niece hold something that could of burned her. My niece would never of killed it, though. She cried her heart out when her mother killed a large roach in the house.
  3. Today we had a great bug hunt in my sister's yard! We found jumbo sized slugs, super cute hatchling hokie millipedes, our first rainbow darkling beetle, and 2 roach nymphs(we kept the nymphs to see what we get when they grow). We also found a rather large beetle I've never seen. I was a little too worried about it. I didn't know what kind of beetle it was. Does it bite, does it sting, does it spray? I told my niece if she wants to see it she needs to quickly put it in the container, but we're not keeping it. I asked her if her hands stink and she said, "Yup they stink. Yuck! " I told her to wa
  4. They're a little unpridictable. My niece used to have one for several months, she was really nice and gentle. But she turned her back on her cage mates and even with food available, she randomly killed and ate my niece's meadow katydid!
  5. Well, yes, she does have grain mites on her mouth in the crusty form, I see that they have spread on her muzzle. She also has some on the joint of a leg. Looks like we're off banana at least. I gave her a jelly, hoping for the best. Edit: She gave in and is eating the jelly!
  6. Thanks guys. I'll look into getting that moss. She survived overnight on the towel and is currently eating banana. Now that she's clean, I looked at some more and noticed some whitish yellow crust on a leg and mouth is kind of whitish, but not alot. I kind of worry that these problems are being caused by another round of grain mites. But I know she is able to eat because she still poops. Maybe thats why she's always on the banana. She's having difficulty eating. I can only imagine the mouth being the worst part for grain mites to crust up in. Should I fast her till the crust goes away? How lon
  7. I own an adult Harlequin Flower Beetle I got from bugsincyberspace and I've had her for almost a year now(not exactly sure how old she was when I purchased her though, so I don't exactly know how old she really is, if any customer knows, please tell me how old their harlequin beetles are when they are sold). Let me fill you on her. She's a great little beetle with her own personality. So pretty, but despises other flower beetles. But she's been through a lot through out her life. She's so strong. Those annoying grain mite out breaks, missing tarsi, not too long ago she started moving kind
  8. Thanks! I just ran into some dry roach kibble the other day. According to the instructions to the back, serving the kibble with quencher jell is the complete diet. I see my hisser munch on it. I've also been finding skins from my dominos(thought they were dead at first!).
  9. And goodness they are tinier than I thought! I got them some where late November. They are so tiny I have to keep them in very small bug containers. I have 2 chrome roaches, 3 domino roaches, 1 death head roach, and 1 halloween hisser. All are small nymphs. The death head and hisser are the largest about 1/2 inch in length, the death head being a few millimeters longer and wider. Chrome roaches seem to be the ones growing the fastest but are still tiny, and the dominos are the smallest(largest one is about the size of an apple seed), and are pretty much around the same size when I got them but
  10. Really? He really never played dead him when handling. And yes, he is a Dyscinetus morator. I really think he was suffercating from the towel. As an update, he has fully recovered and was eating banana last night. He can no longer swim well though. I found him floating on his back in a small bottle cap of water I use as a water dish. Looks like he suffered some nerological damage. I hope he doesn't fall on his back constantly like my zombie darkling beetle did!
  11. This is the second time this year a beetle "died" but turned out not dead. Let me share you the stories! I found Mikey, my rice beetle inside the paper towel I keep in the water dish. It's strange as he usually is burrowed under the substrate during the day. He likes to swim and burrow in the towel at night, so I got worried that he was stuck - and I guess he was, as he was dead when I freed him...or at least that's what I thought. He was motionless with a torn piece of paper towel in his mouth. It's strange though. Rice beetles are good swimmers, designed to eat in rice fields and often
  12. Really? I heard they live to be around 6 months as adults. Then again, I don't know exactly how old she was when I purchased her. That's something only Bugs In Cyberspace knows. Despite the crooks in her hind legs, she appears to be in healthy looking in shape. Hopefully I will have her longer.
  13. Thanks. I'm just going to let her live out the rest of her days. Ever since swapping the June Bugs, she has been a little more active. I also removed the platform. She seems to like walking around more on the substrate. I think she has these swings of "slow and feeble" to "vigor and strength!"
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