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  1. Now make him look like he's holding a little diploma.
  2. That's so cute! My niece has this miniature doll house kit and when she was younger she would put bugs she'd catch in the tiny strollers, cribs(covered them with the blankets too), couches, high chairs, ect. But it wasn't for portraits, she literally played with them like toys and pushing them around in strollers, serving them fake food as they struggle to get out of the little high chairs. Those poor bugs. lol
  3. Well, we really decreased in numbers(we found more). Currently we only have 9. We lost the little silver one too. 😩 We lost one 2-3 days ago. But they have been thriving very well. One cage had 6 for a while, and was knocked down to 4 now. The other cage had 5 and are still thriving. They are eating on banana jellies for roaches. I'll be ordering them a flavored roach kibble to go with it for extra nutrition. I was excited...but now I'm just annoyed. It's so hard keeping these guys alive. And to make things worse, I have more on the way, another hybrid. Just today found her butt attached to the black tiger roach. After she gives birth, I'm going to have to seperate her by herself.
  4. Aww. Thanks! I might get another, they're really cool beetles.
  5. Well, not exactly sure how old she is, but the receipt said May 28 last year! I've owned this adult Harlequin Flower Beetle I got from BugsInCyberSpace last year for a year now. She's officially the 3rd longest owned insect we've owned and is the oldest Scarab we ever owned! Not a good picture. I just sprayed down the cage and she turns dark. I chose a yellow candle as it seems to be a common color when it comes to her. lol And no, this candle was not lit! If you're wondering about the setup it's because she has no tarsi and has a problem with moving a leg. She can no longer walk on substrate but she does very well on cloth. She can climb around and burrow in it too, despite having no tarsi. This is the "retirement cage" made for older or injured insects that have difficulty moving around. Luckly, it's pretty peaceful for her as she is the only insect in there....but possibly not for long. We have a halloween hissing cockroach who's lost all tarsi. Another yellow bug to eat bananas with her(Inky HATES sharing food with others). How much longer do you think she could live?
  6. I have joined All Pet Roaches but I have yet to be approved - and I can't wait anymore. It's an emergency. Last night I found one of my new born hybrid hissers dead. And another today. Also, the wood roach went missing, I guess he flew to the top and squeezed through the vents, he's certainly small enough. I don't know how or why my babies are dying. Maybe they're eating the vasiline I keep a layer around the top? The other roaches are hurting them? Worried, I took them out and put them in smaller enclosures. However, these enclosures grow mold quickly, especially if I ever spray it down. So it remains a little dry. I use extra quencher jells to keep them moist(this worked for my domino, death's head, and chrome roaches when they lived in these enclosures). But I worry if quencher gels are killing my baby hisser hybrids. Is it bad for them? I do have these new "water pillows" that you put in water and it absorbs water and can be used as a water subsitute. I might use it to keep the tanks humid at least. I use coconut fiber with a little bit of leaf litter as substrate. toilet paper roll to climb and eat in. I feed them roach kibble, carrots, and apple. I used quencher gel as water. Whats the best water source for these little guys and what is going on? Thanks for any help! I don't want to lose these guys!
  7. Well, I went ahead and put them in the "graduation tank." In fact, there's so much room, I went ahead and put my baby domino roaches and 2 "surprise" wild roach nymphs in there too. I bet they feel great being misted. Beats staying moist under quencher jell. Also my 2 wild Surprise roaches, one turned into his adult form last night! But...it's just a tiny little tree/wood roach. I told my niece we should let him go, but she whined and wants to keep him. I hope the other one is a bigger surprise.
  8. I think if the animal is in the same subfamily they can. Such as turtles, like Trachemys scripta elegans x Graptemys geographica different Genus both apart of family emydidae. Not sure if this applies to insects. After some research, the only compatable breedings I can see is of the hissers. Both being apart of family, Blaberidae. The only females in the tank are my halloween hisser and a mimic beetle roach and there's nothing related to her(the beetle roach).
  9. Ok, thank you! I use coconut fiber. Maybe I'll just put a thin layer in the bigger tank so I can still get a view, at least under the tank.
  10. Oh. What kind of roaches are they? Hybrids? I know when I had a halloween hisser nymph, he/she was also black. She died all of a sudden. I'm keeping 8 babies in one of the "baby tanks." A small enclosure about 6 inches tall, 6 inches long, and 3.5 inches wide. If I spray water into them, they instantly start to build mold. So I provide extra quencher jellies for them to go under to stay moist. I'm a little worried. I know roaches love humidity, and my baby domino roaches have been thriving well for 6 months now. I worry if my hisser died from not enough humidity? Do hissers require more humidity than other roaches? I do have a bigger enclosure tank that won't collect mold and can be misted down, the "graduation tank" for when baby insects get large enough to monitor, but these guys are not ready yet. What do you think? If they need to be moved, I will, it will just be a pain to monitor them. I have some vasiline too, so I can keep them at bay from escasping vents, but it's baby powderscented(I'll try to pick up regular tommarrow, it's just what we have laying around the house), I hope it doesn't bother them.
  11. Yes! Except ours are entirely black, but they do look like the lighter one.
  12. Today we just found tiny little bugs in my niece's bug tank. Baby hisser roaches! Madagascar Hisser X Halloween Hisser, I'm sure. Other adult roach residents are a female beetle mimic roach, chrome roach(sex not identifyed), and a another male hisser, I'm not sure of species(large black came free with madagascar). Is it possible for hissers to interbreed with the others? I found nine, all are black except one that's grey.
  13. Thanks Thanks! 😊 I took it while I was cleaning the tanks. We had an emergency grain mite infestation last night in all enclosures besides 2 of them, one being Inky's. I still cleaned hers just as a precaution. Ughh! It seems not even the springtails worked. I HATE GRIAN MITES!!!!!!!!!
  14. While the topic is about her, might aswell show a picture of the old girl I took last night. Inky, being cute:
  15. I don't see how that could even be an issue. You can put their enclosure where ever you want, maybe avoid rooms that are particularly cold, hot, poorly ventilated, or very dusty. I don't see how a bedroom could be an issue unless they have any of these problems. Just like other possessions, lot of people keep caged pets in their bed rooms especially if there's more than 1 person living with them, cause it's their pet, their responsibility, their room.
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