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  1. And goodness they are tinier than I thought! I got them some where late November. They are so tiny I have to keep them in very small bug containers. I have 2 chrome roaches, 3 domino roaches, 1 death head roach, and 1 halloween hisser. All are small nymphs. The death head and hisser are the largest about 1/2 inch in length, the death head being a few millimeters longer and wider. Chrome roaches seem to be the ones growing the fastest but are still tiny, and the dominos are the smallest(largest one is about the size of an apple seed), and are pretty much around the same size when I got them but
  2. Really? He really never played dead him when handling. And yes, he is a Dyscinetus morator. I really think he was suffercating from the towel. As an update, he has fully recovered and was eating banana last night. He can no longer swim well though. I found him floating on his back in a small bottle cap of water I use as a water dish. Looks like he suffered some nerological damage. I hope he doesn't fall on his back constantly like my zombie darkling beetle did!
  3. This is the second time this year a beetle "died" but turned out not dead. Let me share you the stories! I found Mikey, my rice beetle inside the paper towel I keep in the water dish. It's strange as he usually is burrowed under the substrate during the day. He likes to swim and burrow in the towel at night, so I got worried that he was stuck - and I guess he was, as he was dead when I freed him...or at least that's what I thought. He was motionless with a torn piece of paper towel in his mouth. It's strange though. Rice beetles are good swimmers, designed to eat in rice fields and often
  4. Really? I heard they live to be around 6 months as adults. Then again, I don't know exactly how old she was when I purchased her. That's something only Bugs In Cyberspace knows. Despite the crooks in her hind legs, she appears to be in healthy looking in shape. Hopefully I will have her longer.
  5. Thanks. I'm just going to let her live out the rest of her days. Ever since swapping the June Bugs, she has been a little more active. I also removed the platform. She seems to like walking around more on the substrate. I think she has these swings of "slow and feeble" to "vigor and strength!"
  6. I've had my adult Harlequin Flower Beetle, Inky, for almost 5 months now. I know she's getting old, but I'm a little worried about her though. She still eats fine, but is more clumbsy at walking than she ever used to be. Leaf littler is the new substrate and I rarely ever find her on her back like when I used coconut fiber. They have a rather thin layer too(I put extra under a decore where they like to burrow and sleep) but have a heating pad so they remain warm. Her tank mate, a green june bug, has been showing serious aggression towards her and I've seen him pull at her legs with his mo
  7. Where can I get the license and how much do they cost? What beetles will I be limited to?
  8. Lol. I don't plan on moving just to keep bugs. But yeah, I was suspecting something on invasive species.
  9. Ok, thanks. I'd rather avoid the trouble. But why it is illegal?
  10. Ugh! I am so irritated right now! So many beautiful scarabs for sale online - but nearly 99% of these insect sites are in other countries that can ship to other countries but not the USA for some reason I don't even know. I've found 2 sites that ended up excluding USA. I found a site called Richard's Inverts located in the UK sells some really nice bugs. They have world wide shipping available and I haven't seen anything stating that the US is excluded, but they say that other countries buy bugs at your own risk. Do I need to get some type of permit? How much do they cost? If not, is there an
  11. Thank you! I put some rotting wood and cucumber in the enclosure for him, but he seems to be enjoying his shedded skin more than anything else! Btw, is there anything I can feed him besides rotting wood, decaying leaves, and cucumber? Would he eat some type pet food?
  12. Thank you! That's exactly why he did that cause I woke up this morning and I found a white skin right next to him! I did notice he was a little pale in color lately. Now he's got his brown color back and some bright red legs. He still remains in the same spot in a tightly curled ball. I suspected that his exoskeleton wouId be soft, so I mist down the enclosure a little this morning, and he moved. Just checking on him and thought he might be a little thirsty after shedding. I hope I didn't hurt him. I've been leaving him be. I'm really having substrate problems right now. All I have is coc
  13. Las night, my baby North American Giant Millipede legs have stopped moving and he can no longer move around and burrow! He's about 2 inches long. I've had him for about 3 months now. He is still alive but can only curl tightly into a ball when ever I touch him. He can unravel and wiggle around and he's not sluggish. It's so sad to see him struggle. I put him in a different enclosure which is larger with more substrate this morning. He's just curled up. I recently had a problem with grain mites in a different enclosure, none was in his enclosure, and I see none on him. His legs just don't work.
  14. I only had enough suitable enclosures and their simply too small. While my june bug doesn't have any, he is quarantined. I've been keeping my enclosure dry and clean with little substrate. And the tank will be cleaned every week with fresh substrate. I've noticed a small decrease though and my beetles are looking a lot better. The mite crust seems to be taking place on their bellies only now.
  15. Looking at the pictures, they seem to be a mix of tropical fruit, they come in assorted colors. I tasted one myself, it taste like fruity jello, what scarab wouldn't love that? I guess I have picky spoiled beetles who I've been giving raw foods for maybe too long. June bugs will eat them, but my Harlequin flower beetle(may lick the juice off a fresh one) and rice beetle(rice beetles are naturally a little picky) don't like them. Creature jelly had banana ones, I've never givin those to my bugs today, but our other insects from last year wouldn't touch them. They aren't very fragrant eith
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