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  1. Well, I went ahead and put them in the "graduation tank." In fact, there's so much room, I went ahead and put my baby domino roaches and 2 "surprise" wild roach nymphs in there too. I bet they feel great being misted. Beats staying moist under quencher jell. Also my 2 wild Surprise roaches, one turned into his adult forum last night! But...it's just a tiny little tree/wood roach. I told my niece we should let him go, but she whined and wants to keep him. I hope the other one is a bigger surprise.
  2. I think if the animal is in the same subfamily they can. Such as turtles, like Trachemys scripta elegans x Graptemys geographica different Genus both apart of family emydidae. Not sure if this applies to insects. After some research, the only compatable breedings I can see is of the hissers. Both being apart of family, Blaberidae. The only females in the tank are my halloween hisser and a mimic beetle roach and there's nothing related to her(the beetle roach).
  3. Ok, thank you! I use coconut fiber. Maybe I'll just put a thin layer in the bigger tank so I can still get a view, at least under the tank.
  4. Oh. What kind of roaches are they? Hybrids? I know when I had a halloween hisser nymph, he/she was also black. She died all of a sudden. I'm keeping 8 babies in one of the "baby tanks." A small enclosure about 6 inches tall, 6 inches long, and 3.5 inches wide. If I spray water into them, they instantly start to build mold. So I provide extra quencher jellies for them to go under to stay moist. I'm a little worried. I know roaches love humidity, and my baby domino roaches have been thriving well for 6 months now. I worry if my hisser died from not enough humidity? Do hissers require more humi
  5. Yes! Except ours are entirely black, but they do look like the lighter one.
  6. Today we just found tiny little bugs in my niece's bug tank. Baby hisser roaches! Madagascar Hisser X Halloween Hisser, I'm sure. Other adult roach residents are a female beetle mimic roach, chrome roach(sex not identifyed), and a another male hisser, I'm not sure of species(large black came free with madagascar). Is it possible for hissers to interbreed with the others? I found nine, all are black except one that's grey.
  7. Thanks Thanks! 😊 I took it while I was cleaning the tanks. We had an emergency grain mite infestation last night in all enclosures besides 2 of them, one being Inky's. I still cleaned hers just as a precaution. Ughh! It seems not even the springtails worked. I HATE GRIAN MITES!!!!!!!!!
  8. While the topic is about her, might aswell show a picture of the old girl I took last night. Inky, being cute:
  9. I don't see how that could even be an issue. You can put their enclosure where ever you want, maybe avoid rooms that are particularly cold, hot, poorly ventilated, or very dusty. I don't see how a bedroom could be an issue unless they have any of these problems. Just like other possessions, lot of people keep caged pets in their bed rooms especially if there's more than 1 person living with them, cause it's their pet, their responsibility, their room.
  10. Thanks! If only I knew that's what fingernail polish remover was made of. lol I have a bottle on my desk! Just also, I noticed that the guts that were hanging out, are actually like back inside, like a healing scab. OMG please do not tell me he's still alive! No movement though. I have him in a glass jar. Lid on tight.
  11. Geez. Now I feel even more terrible. But he was moving around like he was still alive for hours, guts dragging along. I couldn't bare the suffering. I heard that they can still live decapitated for over a week and they basically die from starvation. Yikes! This is also my niece's roach so, the site of her roach cut in half living for a week would probably put her into shock. She was really upset last night. I just hope the painting of bugs I made her with little hearts around them will cheer her up. lol Edit: She loves it! I've been forgivin, looks like she's gotten over it too. I'm sure
  12. Thanks, but I still live with family and they would kill me if they even heard that I put a roach cut in half dragging its guts around, in the freezer. Last night, I actually found some raid for spiders and roaches(we usually only have it for ants, but will kill other insects too, we get very serious ant infestations if its a very wet spring, I know they're just being ants, but they will attack small pets like my insects and their food too. I had to rehome my lizards because we had an infestation so bad they were getting into their enclosure and killing and eating their crickets. I hope you g
  13. Oops sorry for the confusion. I some times call cellar spiders daddy long legs. Yes, that name is for the harvestmen. Those guys are less of a problem for me as they typically stay outdoors, although they have ruined picnics and bug hunts for me. lol
  14. I don't have the fluid, but will rubbing alcohol work? Not for Inky the harlequin flower beetle(who doing fine) but ....... brace your self....a roach that I accidently cut in half trying to free him from a tight spot he was stuck in in an old decore. The decore was weak enough for me to break the piece off - and sliced him in half. It's been several hours now, and he's still moving! This is so sad! He can still run on both pieces. It's really disturbing to watch. I have him in an air tight jar.
  15. I am an emotional person. Speaking of emotions, I just accidently killed one of my niece's halloween hisser nymph. He was stuck in a tight spot of an old decore. So, I broke that piece off, and it cut him in half. 😩I almost cried, especially when my niece cried. I feel like crap. Her cricket just died last night. Guess this is karma from the bomb beetle. We always preserve our bugs in acrylic cast though, so she can have them forever. It takes a while for soft body insects to dry out though.
  16. I'm too scared to kill spiders, so is my dad(we both have arachnophobia). My sister may free them, but my mom will smash them. I hate daddy long legs/cellar spiders the worst. They are very creepy and worst of all, a very common house spider. But I remember back then there was a daddy long leg spider at my friends house. She was huge and carried an egg sack. I don't know why, but as terrifying as she was, and how my anxiety would raise when ever I walked in that building, I didn't want her to be killed, because she was carrying her babies. I heard daddy long legs were very social spiders that
  17. No, there's only one flat-back. Me and my niece keeps track on our bugs because she's always playing with them. They all have names too. lol In her main tank, she owns one flat-backed millipede, one scarlet millipede, 6 roaches(1 large deathhead nymph, 2 halloween hissers, 2 madagascar hissers, and 1 mimic beetle roach), 2 rice scarabs, 1 sugarcane beetle, 1 rainbow dung beetle, 1 rainbow darkling beetle, 1 domestic cricket, 1 eastern tent moth caterpillar, and a random snail. In a tiny tank she also owns a picnic beetle and a confused flour beetle she raised from a mealworm. We also ha
  18. We have a flat backed millipede(either Polydesmus angustus or Polydesmus serrratus). We've had him for about 5 months and we don't know whats going on for about a month now. He looks like he's been changing size back and forth new dark shades. A few weeks back he bit and sprayed my niece. Today me and my niece noticed that he's gotten smaller in size or at least shorter. Is this normal or is someone replacing millipedes? lol It's quite a mystery but my niece is becoming frustrated over it. It's bugging us both. I have noticed that he's been remaining burrowed for the past couple of days. He's
  19. Is there anyone who sells them to the US or is it illegal?
  20. I got hit hard in the face by a strawberry beetle (Harpalus rufipes) once. That smell nearly choked me and burned my eyes! Never had any problem with those guys, but maybe that's why my pet lizards would never eat them. (This was before I really knew anything on this beetle, besides the fact that our backyard critters, especially toads and lizards liked eating them.)
  21. I know the beetle was. The only reason I called him "brave" cause he chased after it and he's only 7, I do feel bad about the situation, I should of never let it happen. I also feel terrible that I let my niece hold something that could of burned her. My niece would never of killed it, though. She cried her heart out when her mother killed a large roach in the house.
  22. Today we had a great bug hunt in my sister's yard! We found jumbo sized slugs, super cute hatchling hokie millipedes, our first rainbow darkling beetle, and 2 roach nymphs(we kept the nymphs to see what we get when they grow). We also found a rather large beetle I've never seen. I was a little too worried about it. I didn't know what kind of beetle it was. Does it bite, does it sting, does it spray? I told my niece if she wants to see it she needs to quickly put it in the container, but we're not keeping it. I asked her if her hands stink and she said, "Yup they stink. Yuck! " I told her to wa
  23. They're a little unpridictable. My niece used to have one for several months, she was really nice and gentle. But she turned her back on her cage mates and even with food available, she randomly killed and ate my niece's meadow katydid!
  24. Well, yes, she does have grain mites on her mouth in the crusty form, I see that they have spread on her muzzle. She also has some on the joint of a leg. Looks like we're off banana at least. I gave her a jelly, hoping for the best. Edit: She gave in and is eating the jelly!
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