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Goliath beetles


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I assume that the container with the cocoon must be ventilated somehow?  I can't tell from the photo, but undoubtedly, there are some ventilation holes?

Is the cocoon normally kept on the substrate surface like that, throughout the pupation process?

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Bugboy3092: Yes, they will be. I've only had one male so far

Goliathus: Yes: I have a few, small ventilation holes in each container, some on the lid and some on the sides. The cocoon is normally buried, but some of the times they dig it up with them when they are emerging.

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On 8/16/2020 at 1:30 AM, Fire Moth said:


Did you get yours from @Peter Clausen? I managed to get four from him. I think I have at least one male and two females. There is one that I keep forgetting to check for the Harold’s Organ. 


I am weighing them weekly and keeping record of exact pellet counts every day. 

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