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Greetings from Taiwan


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Hello beetle forum! I'm visiting family in Taiwan over the summer and I am a huge stag beetle fan. After collecting and buying many species of stag beetles and rhino beetles as pets, I'm wondering if there is any way to bring my precious beetles back to California where i live. Some of my beetles I bought at pet vendors, others I found on my own. I found a allomyrina dichotoma eating tree sap on a tree. I also bought a Dorcus Titanus for only 2 dollars and a Odontolabis siva parryi for only 5 dollars. I also have many lucanus speciesueqGy.jpgo0NZl.jpgmtVjk.jpg

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no, not on the airplane. You have to ship them to your house with international express mail which will take 3-10 days to get to your house in CA. I suggest you shipping them when you are about to leave Taiwan.

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Taiwan is a great place to be if you're interested in beetles and other invertebrates. I went and visited a bunch of beetle stores while I was staying with some relatives and got to see a great number of really awesome beetles.


If you enjoy catching insects, I recommend you purchase an insect net before you leave. I bought an awesome collapsible insect net there that I've found to be extremely convenient to have and use--the company that makes them is in Taiwan and there's no net like it sold in the US.

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