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  1. You are basic, do some real search before opening a site.
  2. I think that it is very expensive! VERY VERY expensive. I support the idea of working with APHIS, but I have doubts about the success. The Kinshi isn't bad but they only are offering a variaty that is for non-native beetles! Whats that about……? It looks very new but I think that they are barking up a tree. Am I the only one? Again I think breeders should still source their own. Beetle shops in Japan would laugh at the thought of this being a commercial site…. Even for Americans.
  3. Oak told me that P Mulleri should weigh upwards of 18g for a large male 65mm + Does anyone else know weights to size ratio for any other species? Specifically Japanese Rhino?
  4. Whoa, that thread! I just was looking through some pages where people where growing carnivorous plants on agar.... I hope to be trying some basics from that thread soon though.
  5. Preacher man, you're laying down the needed points. How many and of what are you keeping now? I see the interests but just curious.
  6. I'll throw in that you shouldn't be able to squeeze water out of the substrate but it should be damp. Also that anything 80 or above for prolonged periods isn't suggested. I keep mine at 75.
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