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  1. Awesome specimens there! I don't think we have ever had a collecting report from the Algodones dunes here in the forum. Hope you find lots of more great specimens.
  2. Alan raised a D. tityus that became a 69mm adult male! That is the biggest I have seen that had pictures of it as well. Congrats on the female!
  3. Welcome! What kind of beetles are you currently breeding?
  4. is this the rarest species in Lucanus genus (U.S. native)? I've never seen these available.
  5. I always wondered about this with all the large amount of dried specimens that are brought over from S. America every year.
  6. Welcome to the forum and good luck with you D. tityus larvae!
  7. Several species from the Chrysina genus like C. aurigans
  8. Its much more rare than the common Strategus antaeus and Strategus aloeus.
  9. Welcome to the boards! What part of Orlando? I'm near Kissimmee.
  10. Thanks! They are small but the colors are remarkable.
  11. Greatwun


    Welcome to the boards! Here in central FL I have found tons of Phileurus truncatus and Phileurus valgus.
  12. I have found that the best time to hunt down here in Central FL is Jan-Feb. Its cold but nice with no mosquitoes and I can hunt for much longer periods. Also larvae are a bit larger. I hope to find lots of nice stuff in the next few months and post my stories on here. Me and fellow beetle forum member LarvaHunter caught some amazing specimens from Jan of this year until now and we hope to find some more interesting stuff. We caught some nice species including Derobrachus thomasi, Archodontes melanopus, Prionus pocularis, first ever Dynastes tityus larva, two female Strategus splendens, Euphoria limbalis, some very nice jewel beetles, the rare Florida sand roach Arenivaga floridensis, tons of Phileurus truncatus larvae and other nice specimens I'm forgetting at the moment lol. Good luck to everyone collecting and stay safe out there!
  13. thats amazing! I love the blueish hue.
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