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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! I'm just getting started keeping beetles with a male Dynastes tityus that wandered into my office. I'm hoping to reference these forums to learn more about about keeping beetles. I may not post much, but I'm happy to be here!
  2. I am new to beetle collecting and have been fascinated by the structural strength of Ironclad beetles. My collection primarily includes Diabolical Ironclad beetles (P. diabolicus) local to my area. In the future I would like to include Ironclad beetles from Texas and South America in my collection.
  3. Hello! I'm so excited to be here! I'm Esabelle Ryngin (Esa for short), a cartoonist/illustrator pursuing the dream of entomology outreach illustration! I've loved insects (particularly beetles) for almost as long as I've been drawing, and until recently, I had a pet Dynastes tityus named Bae. Since she's passed on, though, I'm looking for more friends to occupy the lavish enclosure I'd made for her (planning/hoping to obtain some males to have bred her with, but that fell through). My bug buddies on tumblr showed me this forum! I hope to make lots of friends here talking about my favorite order of insects!
  4. Hello beetle forum! I'm visiting family in Taiwan over the summer and I am a huge stag beetle fan. After collecting and buying many species of stag beetles and rhino beetles as pets, I'm wondering if there is any way to bring my precious beetles back to California where i live. Some of my beetles I bought at pet vendors, others I found on my own. I found a allomyrina dichotoma eating tree sap on a tree. I also bought a Dorcus Titanus for only 2 dollars and a Odontolabis siva parryi for only 5 dollars. I also have many lucanus species
  5. Hey all! Very new to the invert hobby, I've been keeping snakes for a few years and had been reading up on tarantulas for a while until I stumbled on bugs in cyberspace a few days ago. I'm fairly certain my future holds some vinegaroons, tailless whip scorpions, death feigning beetles, several cockroaches, and many of my friends avoiding the house, haha. The sheer variety is blowing my mind and I now have a purpose for my old reptile enclosures! Outside of hobbies I work at a boat yard, and I'll be going back to school soon to study biology and business, I'd love to open an educational outreach for herps and inverts someday. Other than feeder crickets I don't have any non reptile pets at the moment. As a christmas present to myself though I'm thinking I'm going to get a handful of Therea olegrandjeani and see where it goes from there (torn between Gymnetis caseyi and Damon diadema). On a side note, I'm absolutely ecstatic to have a new topic to collect books on as well. I think of it as information hoarding xP Probably won't post much for a while, lurking has always served me well, but I hope I can contribute eventually! (Would love to figure out breeding blue death feigning beetles with consistancy)
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