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Greetings from Indiana!


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Hi, my name is Patrick I am a biology major at IPFW and am graduating in August!! (finally lol) I just recently got into keeping insects, however I have kept tarantulas and many many other animals in the past. (primarily reptiles) I recently bought 5 Asbolus verrucosus from Mr. Clausen, they arrived and are doing great! I think I got 2 males and 3 females I'll probably post pictures later on. I have seen them mating as well which kind of shocked me as I had barely had them out of their shipping container lol. I actually caught a Lucanus capreolus today as well! Anyway I am super excited to learn more about beetles and talking about beetles and other critters with everyone. On a side note, what are some of the larger beetles located in northeastern Indiana. I know Dynastes tityus and Lucanus capreolus are both found here but not quite sure where to begin looking for more?



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Welcome to the forums! I believe the biggest beetle in your state is D.tityus. It's the season for Lucanus at the moment, so there should be a lot of Lucanus flying around at night..

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Gas station lights, especially in rural areas, or at the edge of town, etc., can be amazing.


I can't say much about Indiana specifically, but a few of my most memorable collecting locations were random gas stations at 2am in the middle of nowhere on a hot summer night.


In fact, a good friend of mine found this beauty at a gas station just last week"



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