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  1. Make relaxing fluid. I take Lysol concentrate and add some to water. Putting it in a sealed Tupperware with paper towels wet with the relaxing fluid softens them up perfectly the amount of days depends on the size of the beetle. I like pinning them with the legs out, I prefer pins because it is tried and true and makes inspection of the underside easy. If it drops the price of my big specimens! I don't care, beetles with the legs all folded up under and not pinned don't make any sense to me, unless you are just saving it to sell one day.
  2. Welcome! Hope you learn stuff here.
  3. I wonder if it's true that 40% of assassin bugs carry that disease.
  4. Welcome! Well decayed oak mixed with 30 to 40% of your rotted maple leaves would be more suitable. I haven't used maple leaves only oak so far.
  5. Welcome to beetle forum, I hope you learn a lot here.
  6. Nice beetle. You must be pretty happy.
  7. Those are awesome beetles. Did you catch them?
  8. Thanks! Can't wait to try fixing some of my specimens eyes.
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