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HI to all.....


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Welcome to the forum!

There is much to learn about here, and lots of friendly and knowledgeable people to "chat" with.

You should also get some of the books from here: http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/elytraandantenna/ to expand your knowledge.

I have been collecting those books for many years and they are packed with much good information.

Again, welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! You live in a great state to catch beetles. In west Texas there is the Davis mountains and many people capture Chrysina gloriosa and Chrysina woodi at night with blacklights. In the David mountains there also occurs a rare red form of Chrysina gloriosa. There are also many species of Phanaeus beetles including Phanaeus adonis. And in the southern portion of the state you can find Megasoma vogti which is my absolute favorite beetle of all time.

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I was the pastor here until about 2 years ago, I had a stroke that didn't affect me physically but gave me difficultly in verbal commutation. I can still do most things and am blessed.

One of my sons that lives here also in a bug nut also (ha), he collects and sells a lot of stuff.


I already have enjoyed hours of reading through the older post.

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