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  1. I think this auction is being held on FB. I'm not on FB, so I can't be apart of the Fall auction. However I'm always active on the Summer auction on TerraForums! 😊
  2. I got a bunch from cfredsma several years ago and they are still going. I Love mine too! Great photo!
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats on the nymphs! You've done well (and so have Papa and Mama roaches)! How are you keeping yours? Can you give us some details on their setup?
  4. If only I lived closer! I would love to work with inverts as a job again!
  5. I used to sell these years ago. Lived in FL and would catch them from my yard. If you post pictures of the adults I can sex them for you. But simply, females are larger, males are smaller. The tip of the abdomen in males is round and in females it's pointed.
  6. Does the 3rd edition cover any other types of beetles that the 2nd edition did not cover?
  7. You are welcome! If you join terraforums, look me up and say "hello". The name is the same.
  8. How is the 3rd edition different from the 2nd edition? Is the only change the two new chapters on Goliath beetles, and the one on Dynastes hercules paschoali?
  9. Terraforums.com is the best Carnivorous Plant forum I've found. Most members agree on ways to grow plants there and I've had much success with help from those members. Also a great book is: The Savage Garden. Good Luck!
  10. Super nice party attendance! If you're breeding them, who do you find the easiest to raise? Again, super photo, thanks for posting! ?
  11. I see grants rhino, eastern rhino and elephant stag . . . who else is in the mix?
  12. That is super fun! Great picture, thanks for posting!
  13. Sometimes they try too hard: A 3 stack. A 5 stack, with one about to join!
  14. Beetle? Yes. Family Meloidae?
  15. That title made me do a real "lol". Thank you for that! Anyway, good luck with your larvae.
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