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Great way to start the New Year!!! - Collecting trip


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Went on another collecting trip with LarvaHunter again and found some more nice larvae. One tree had an adult female Phileurus truncatus along with 19 LARVAE!!! This is a new record for us. Never found this many P. truncatus larvae in a single cavity. Also came across another very tall rotting tree over 20 feet tall. At the bottom was an open cavity. As we started to dig we started to see more and more large fecal pellets. Finally half way into the tree were 7 larvae and an adult female Phileurus truncatus. We found another old stump with large pellets inside but no larvae. Overall all a very good collecting trip and a great way to start the New Year!


















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He's saying we pay gas and time, why would we give these things away for free? Obviously we enjoy searching, but it is hard work. Free, ha!

Funny man. I'm keeping all mine for anyone else that is wondering. Finding them is more fun than searching also. If It was easy to find them, it wouldn't be very fun would it?

I enjoyed driving 4 hours and hiking through miles of woods just to give them away to a stranger. What!!!

Preparing all the sub was so much fun as well. Lol

Your a funny guy :)

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Thanks guys. Although I've yet to find Dynastes tityus (my target species) in these areas. I think that maybe the abundance of P. truncatus maybe the reason for this? Could it be possible truncatus beetles have taken over the area and eaten tityus larvae that they encounter and then deposit eggs in the trees?

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