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Help Finding Beetles


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Oak, beetles are present probably year round where you are, not all species at the same time, not a single one all the time, but there is always beetles around. Right now in SoCal we just had Amblonoxia sp. (A. palpalis in my neck of the city) come out about three weeks ago, so did Cyclocephala sp. , and Cotinis mutabilis are beginning to become active as well. What are you interested in? There are various beetle species in your area, but what exactly are you looking for? Dod a google search to see what species are in your area, get the Introduction to of California Beetles book by Art Evans and James N. Hogue (there are a couple of titles out there). Read, read, and then read some more, but as you did above, ask when in doubt, most hobbyists on this site seem serious and helpful enough.

Now, go catch them ;-)

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