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  1. Ia smimlar D. hercules hercules model made by a comany called 4D Master (Vision?). IT measures 11" from horn to elytra, and has viewing windows to see internal organs. The neptunus is awesome though.
  2. Blogs: http://aninordinatefondness.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/an-inordinate-fondness-1-inaugural-issue/ http://beetlesinthebush.wordpress.com/category/arthropoda/insecta/coleoptera/lucanidae/
  3. Products: Amazing ceramic work http://www.laurazindel.com/collections/beetles.html Aluminum model: http://www.elenco.com/product/productdetails/mechanical_kits=Njc=/rhino_beetle__aluminum_kit=Mjkz
  4. Books: The ultimate guide http://www.amazon.com/The-Ultimate-Guide-Breeding-Beetles/dp/1616461322/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1345713126&sr=8-3
  5. Videos: On trapping tiger beetle larvae:
  6. Ometeo


    Glad to have you here Austin, welcome to the forum, and to the wonderful world of beetle rearing.
  7. SCARABS Newsletter: http://museum.unl.edu/research/entomology/Newsletter/Scarabs26.pdf
  8. PDF Files NOTE! Tese may be in various languages, utilize a translator if necessary, the wealth of knowledge in some articles is incredible, and it is well worth the effort to translate. Also, please put a small title describing what the paper is about. Chrysina costata reproduction http://redalyc.uaemex.mx/redalyc/pdf/575/57515502013.pdf Description of some Chrysina species, and description of some Chrysina females. http://centerforsystematicentomology.org/insectamundi/0143Monzon.pdf On Chrysina in general http://www.entsoc.org/PDF/Pubs/Periodicals/AE/AE-2007/Winter/Thomas.pdf
  9. Photography. Various species: http://www.living-jewels.com/photo.htm African species: http://beetlesofafrica.com/index-old.asp Cerambycids: http://www.cerambycoidea.com/ Plusiotis/Chrysina http://www.insectcompany.com/gallery/plusiotis.shtml http://www.rutelide-dundee.com/images.htm Malaysian species: http://orionmystery.blogspot.com/2010/06/some-amazing-malaysian-beetles.html German species: http://www.kerbtier.de/cgi-bin/enFSearch.cgi?Fam=Scarabaeidae
  10. I will continuously add to this "database" of beetle related links, please feel free to add your own. On Dung Beetles: http://www.dungbeetles.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=3&Itemid=25 http://smallmeadowfarm.blogspot.com/2008/04/dung-beetles.html http://www.dungbeetle.com.au/ipm.pdf http://www.todayshorse.com/Articles/BeneficialInsectsForHorses.htm
  11. She tries to never sell a single animal, as it is important the group accepts each individual, I'll give her a ring and ask.
  12. This is my young male. I have a breeding size female, but it will be at least a year or two for me to attempt any breeding. These were acquired through a great friend whom breeds them quite honestly, constantly. I am saving up to buy a couple more and make a larger group. someday.
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