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  1. If you could find me some or find someone who has some, please let me know.
  2. I envy you man. I love central FL. Maybe next time I am down there we can meet up in Polk County. I know a lot of good places there.
  3. Too bad I am returning just as you are leaving.
  4. Yes... pretty big... Like I hear up to 10ft but Idk I hear 5-6 is norm. I could be wrong because this is not my area though.
  5. Can I see a good picture of the "strategus"?
  7. This explains my problem. Hahahaha! I've had mine for QUITE some time and it JUST reached L3.
  8. I'd love to... we could easily find some Platycerus in this area you know .
  9. Hey man! What kind of beetles you rearing?
  10. Oh yes... I found a Tenodera sinensis and some wasps up in Statesville while on a roadtrip once .
  11. No... I live in SC though. Upstate. What part of NC you live in?
  12. You won't find Dynastes unless you search in tree cavities at the bases of trees that are dead (or dying). Sort of... between the roots. I learned this from collecting with Lucanus. I later on found some Dynastes larvae myself.
  13. Only 2? How about like 40? Or more... We get so many here!
  14. Looks juicy. Keep up the good work man.
  15. I have a Facebook page called Coleoptera! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coleoptera/130959736976072 Most of you know by now.
  16. Thanks for the info. Do you have any tips on collecting them (E inda and Trox both). I've found many E inda adults but not any larvae.
  17. Elaphus all the way... smallest I've ever seen!
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