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Aspiring Future Breeder from SoCal


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My name is Dustin. I discovered the beetle keeping hobby only earlier this year, though I’ve always found beetles themselves fascinating. I have fond memories nearly 20 years back of my grandmother and I collecting June beetles in jars on summer nights so we could observe them up close. It’s really interesting to me how common the idea of keeping beetles as pets appears to be in Asia (and to a lesser extent Europe) and how comparatively it is almost nonexistent in the states, but it is my understanding that most non-native species are illegal to import, which makes sense. I’ve been doing loads of research over the last couple of months as to what it actually takes to breed beetles and raise the larvae and I’m gearing up to start when the opportunity presents itself— who’s to say when that may be. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, super excited to have found this place!

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