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Megasoma vogti and Megasoma punctulatus question

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Probably a good question. I have a copy of The Dynastine  Scarab Beetles of the United States and Canada, the species are described, but it's

not a breeding guide. You might try searching for "Ratcliffe and Moro'n 2005 where the book says they described the larval stage of vogti.

sleeperi larva have been found in Cericidium floridum and mesquite, as well as Olneya tesota

Probably, in the desert, any rotted wood is going to be used by females to lay eggs.

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Adults of both species can be found on the trunks of mesquite trees at night.  It wouldn't be surprising if the larvae feed on decaying mesquite wood (although, as kevink mentioned, probably any suitable rotted hardwood tree would also be acceptable to them).  I've reared both vogti and punctulatus on oak flake soil without any issues.  M. sleeperi, also.

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It seems that any areas north of the present range of the 3 US Megasoma species get too cold for them in winter.  M. vogti, punctulatus, and sleeperi are all found very far south, not far from the Mexico border.  Unlike our 2 native Dynastes spp., our Megasoma spp. have apparently not developed as much of a tolerance to cold.

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