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Light traps


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I know we have discussed this before but I am in search of a light for a light trap that can fit in a suitcase, possibly one that doesn’t require a cord basically runs on batteries.

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Lights that do not require a cord to attach to a power source... Are you referring to battery powered light? Then I would suggest you to search for battery powered lanterns, such as:


These battery powered lanterns are okay if you actually use it at where beetles occur, but... not a great trap. Don't expect a great result with such a tiny light.. :( 

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Try Bioquip for lights built for the purpose, they have corded, battery, and lights that use both. They'll definitely fit in a suitcase,

and try looking at Goal Zero for batteries you can transport. Just be prepared to spend the money to get things that work.

I've read a bit about using LED lights for moths, frankly, I don't see the purpose, unless it's simply for

energy usage. I think the results are still debatable. Nothing wrong with ebay, if you stick to a seller that knows what they're doing

and answers your questions. 

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The generator is the worst part of light traps for beginners because they are expensive. I'd just get the materials EXCEPT the generator and if you have a big backyard that leads to a forest, you can just set it up on your deck or something. I got 6 adult Dynastes Tityus last year. I did it on my deck. 

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