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So I ordered some various baby roaches.....


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And goodness they are tinier than I thought! I got them some where late November. They are so tiny I have to keep them in very small bug containers. I have 2 chrome roaches, 3 domino roaches, 1 death head roach, and 1 halloween hisser. All are small nymphs. The death head and hisser are the largest about 1/2 inch in length, the death head being a few millimeters longer and wider. Chrome roaches seem to be the ones growing the fastest but are still tiny, and the dominos are the smallest(largest one is about the size of an apple seed), and are pretty much around the same size when I got them but maybe a little thicker. The same with the hisser, although the second largest, doesn't seem like he/she has grown any.

The death head and hisser live together in a separate container. The chromes and dominos live together.

They currently eat turtle pellets, meal worm kibble, and occassional jelly and banana. The jelly I bought actually grows mold and fresh foods grow mold quickly. I guess it's because of the small size of the enclosures so I guess not as much ventilation as my bigger tanks. I do not provide water but instead use quencher jell. 

Their substrate is coconut fiber and I keep the tank dry. Just one little spritz from the squirt bottle, and the next day, the containers will be moldy!  So I put a few quencher jells in the substrate so if they ever feel too dry, they can stay moist under it(and it can still mold if it comes in contact with loose food). Ugh. I am not a fan of tiny bugs, but I guess I have no choice but to wait!

Speaking of waiting, how long will it take for them to be handled without squashing them? I have to pick them up with a just-a-pinch spoon. Or at least an inch in length? They were a christmas gift for my niece, but she hates them cause she can't hold them. Adults of these species were ridiculously over priced(or ay least in my opinion). Besides the hisser, I rarely ever if not ever see the others moving around unless disturbed. Is there a food that can speed up growth? Also, how good of climbers are death head nymphs when it comes to plastic/glass? If he doesn't climb, I might put him in the "baby tank(tank for small, growing bugs till they're big enough for the big tank)" with my young millipede.

Thanks for any advice!

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Those molt at most every three weeks, more when younger and more for smaller species so they will take some time to grow. The time is supposedly much less at temperatures of 85 to 90F  though I doubt the vast differences often attributed to temperature (they do grow faster when warm just not that much faster). Good luck!

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